Are you feeling.......

Extremely biased about a company, like you can only throw something from that company? For me I only want to throw General Yo. Even though there are so many other throws that I know are amazing I just don’t like throwing them because they’re not “Genyo” LOL. My sig explains everything. Anyone feel like that?

No. ;D Though I can see how you could be attached to a particular company. My brother only throws yyf.


ya he won’t stop hating on YYJ…

I know right! someone says “should i get the legacy or the dv888?” Then he says Get the dv888! yyj stinks no matter what you say!

I’m going nutty for SPYY right now.

Would still like to try some Gen Yo, G-Squared, and the full Spin Dynamics line, mind you (I have only a Smooth Move).

I can throw anything accept yyf! First word that comes to mind “ewwwww”

The majority of what I throw is SPYY, but I do enjoy CLYW, OneDrop, and general.

Nothing wrong at all with Brand Loyalty! Just as there are fans of your fav Brand, there’s fans of another brand. If you accept them, they’ll accept you. The Love goes around.

Too busy having fun to be hating on other people for their brand preferences. The only brand that makes me go “eww” is YYJ. Don’t get me wrong, some of their stuff looks promising but I’ve had one too many duds from them.


Ummm, NO. There’s just too many fine yoyos out there that I haven’t tried yet, and I love all that I have (with one or two exceptions).

Well, mostly yyf.

I like to throw many yoyos but I seem to have the most of C3yoyodesign’s as I own 7 of them as well as 7 SPYY’s.

Agreed. Give some thought to what jhb wrote here. They are all yo-yos. (mostly anyway)

Not really, I just love CLYW. My case has many yo-yo’s from different companies, I just own more CLYW and tend to play with my CLYW more.

Which SPYYs do you have and which do you like best?

I buy what I want, play what I like and I let the day and mood let me choose the “yoyo of the day”.

If we go by numbers, well, YYJ would win. Duncan is 2nd, then YYF, then I think it’s CLYW and then One Drop.

I’m biased towards what I like, and, with little surprised, biased against what I don’t like.

Sometimes I may be choosing something because I’m working on a review, which is actually starting to become more often. I’ve got three reviews I’m trying to work on all at once, and it ain’t easy. I’m gonna have to go back to some of the yoyos to refresh my memory.

What am I played right now? Well, nothing, as I’m on the forum at the moment. But, it’s been mostly the Spectrum(by a company I can’t mention here), the new YYJ H3X and starting next week, the new GSquared Triton.

Glad to see I’m well known on forums,… -.-

Mostly infamous lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t change you for the world. You fit in around here, as much as people like to act annoyed :slight_smile: