Why all the hate?

My thoughts exactly.

Without anything to fight for, we settle for something to fight against.

-Chuck Palahniuk

I honestly haven’t even noticed much hate on them. Then again, I could care less about that kind of crap-o-la. YYF can make as many or as little yoyo’s as they what. Why you might ask, because they have the money to do so. I know I wish I had the money to make a butt load of throws. Heck, I wish I had the money to make one yoyo. In the end, who cares. Use your hands to throw a yoyo, not to cry on the internet about a company trying to keep afloat in this economy.

NICE VIDEO (but it is a little explicit)

I am seeing a lot of gm2 rehashes coming out of yyf
*protostar (it is kind of shaped like a plastic genesis)
*the other 2 plastics
*the yukksta kinda looks like the plastics in my very inexperienced opinion (IMVIO)
shame on you getting off topic Samad… :wink:

YYF makes lots of yoyos. Big deal. Just because they make vast amounts of yoyo’s doesn’t make them better or worse than any other company. It just means that if you like a certain YYF yoyo and want to get another of the same kind, you have a better chance to get that yoyo. With other Companies who make fewwer yoyos, you may not get a chance to own another yoyo for several months. I really hope this makes any scence.

About the Protostar and Genesis shapes being overused: YYF found a shape that works with many players likings and abilities, so they are going to stick with it with little tweaks to appeal to more players. That’s pretty much all YYR does, and look at how they’ve done.

People have to complain about something. I just think its dumb that we, as yoyoers, are complaining about a yoyo company making yoyos. Who cares if they’re only marginally different than others they’ve already made? If you dont like it, don’t support them and buy from some other company. Just dont whine about it. I hate whiners. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think yall need to stop hatin’ on us Haters… Ight? I mean, I hate YYF, because… Thats the fad… Yanno? I used to really like em, cuz they made great quality products, and everyone else liked em too… But now we gotta hate on em, because… uh… we gotta…

Nah… I <3 yyf…

this is point less people are going to hate what ever they want there loss and more yoyos for me ;D tourqe_yo is right and i loved that vid rofl


I actually reccommend that you watch all of Lev’s videos. Tales of Mere Existance is great. Both funny and philosophical.

I am, right now…

This post wasn’t really about YYF. I just used them as an example.

It’s just that, why are we, as yoyoers, inclined to hate something among us? Isn’t it supposed to be a fun, and clean hobby? Some people take things too far.

And my legs are feeling better now.

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some people take this hobby as a career, to make a living from it.
that’s when the objective started to change.

have you try to some massage on your legs? :slight_smile:

You can’t make a living off of yoyoing, there aren’t enough comps and if there were you would have to win every single one. Even making yoyos would be hard to make a living off of.

this guy reminds me of donnie hoyle from you suck at photoshop

theres some people make a living out of yoyoing i believe.
ben once said he has made his hobby a good career for him.
sure you won’t make much if you only have a small yoyo company.
but think about YYF. not only the metal line, think about the FAST 201, and some others that sells at grocery store.
and duncan.
sure you can make some money out of it.

as for yoyo players, yeah, it’s kinda impossible to have a living only from yoyoing.
but some of us (some of my friend too), got some money from doing a yoyo show (well, me too, sort of). and some get paid for their appearance at TV show. and even be judge at a contest.
i heard that takuto (luo yi cheng) asked for $250 per hour for a yoyo show…

sure, for regular yoyoer as i do, it,s kinda different world and hard to reach.

I wasn’t talking yyf and duncan. I ment if you were to start one, It wouldn’t make you rich. Like General Yo isn’t enough for Ernie to quit his job. And I think John Higby is the only person who makes a living off performing.

uuuum, I’m sorry then.
but i thought this thread is about YYF… ???
and i think in his last post, samad mention ‘we’, as yoyoer in general.
not just me or you, like us and ours…

sure, if i were to make a company, it’s not for a living, it would be a mere hobby.
what i’m saying is, there are people that make a living out of yoyoing. and not all of us should, or capable of.

This thread was never about YYF.

i think in his last post, samad mention ‘we’, as yoyoer in general.
not just me or you, like us and ours…

What do you mean?^^^
And what I am saying is that making money from yoyoing isn’t practical.