what doesn't make sense to me.......

The punchline stands out to me as one of the premiere competition yoyos of today. So does the hatrick, gnarwhal, bassalope, PRO, and others like that. But all i ever see in contests, is yoyofactorys.
Now don’t get me wrong, IMO YYF makes the best yoyos, but that’s all i ever see from people who don’t have a sponsor.

Is there a question here?

He was starting a discussion. But a word from the wise, don’t mess with yyf. I made a similar post, and got ragged on.

I agree with you 100 percent. I don’t know why you don’t see clyw or spyy more in contests.

I guess it is if anyone use something other than YYF for contests (and aren’t sponsored).

If so, I do. Wooly Marmot, but both my backups are YYF normally. And if I’m feeling different I’ll use a Protostar for a contest

Maybe its because yyf produces mass amounts of solid throws so that you can use them or pick up a replacement quite easily.

Thats because they like yoyofactory. The player like yyf yoyos. But not all people does, I’ve seen people use other yoyos too.

I pay more attention to the tricks then the yoyo :wink:

It’s really funny that I’ve seen so many competitions and I’ve seen a lot of people using pastic FHZ’s, Tons of YYJ’s and a lot of other yoyo’s other than YYF. Now YYF does make yoyo’s that appeal to a LOT of people. Maybe that’s why.

YYF makes a pathetic amount of different yoyos, that’s the reason.

why not?
as long as the player comfortable with the yoyo.

i mean, in a contest, you should do the best that you can, and to archive that, you should equip yourself with your weapon of choice.
any yoyo is possible.

Is this jealously or do you really think choice is a bad thing?

Familiarity is huge. With a YYF you can get low response at a low price. For a player like me a cheap yoyo is one that you will want to throw more often. As you do you develope familiarity. Thus YYF is probably one of the most familiar to players. YYJ has sort of the same thing going for them. For me I haven’t bought caribou lodge because the cheapest throw is more than I have spent on any of my yoyos. Except 1 (Night Moves 5), but I got that because I liked all the YYJ I owned. Anyways Cheap throws= more common.

I used my Campfire and my Peak for backup. Then I have my 44 and Protege after those. So I have really never used a YYF in a contest before.

This is a VERY stupid thread.

People use YoYoFactory yoyos in contest because they are cheap, reliable, always available to purchase, and are a much better quality product than any other company could ever make.

The way tricks are evolving, a player needs a very stable yoyo that won’t spin out or flop over on him during a contest. That’s why people tend to stay away from yoyos such as YoYoJam’s, Spyy’s, etc.

At contests all I use is YoYoFactory yoyos becuase I support them.
I actually like the Fiesta better than the Pocket Change, but I use Pocket Change instead because I support YoYoFactory.

I think that covers most of what this thread is about…

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thanks jump, that helps a lot!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really…most of that was opinion. Plus Even if you support yyf doesnt mean you only have to use yyf. especially if you like the way the fiesta plays more than a pocket change. The reason why yyf is seen more at contests is because their product is more readily available. period. If you could get a spyy or clyw etc whenever you wanted like you could with yyf then there would be more of those out there alongside yyf. Now dont get me wrong yyf makes awesome yoyos but stating that theirs is the best is naive. several companies put out equally capable and playable yoyos, just in smaller runs.

You support YYF and use only their yoyos, because you are a complete fanboy.

YoYoFactory makes good yoyos - that’s undeniable, however, to say that they have better quality products then any other company can make is both ignorant, and extremely debatable.

SPYY, BBYY, General-Yo, CLYW, One-Drop, all make great products that are as good as or even better than YYF products. But then again, I wouldn’t expect you to think that way since you are just a complete fanboy, without even questioning your logic.

I mean, seriously, you dislike a product, but you still use it because that company makes it? You’re not on their team - why does it apply to you?

Once again, YYF makes great products, so no disrespect to them.

Very well said Samad, very true.
YoyoFactory makes great yoyos, but so do other companies, by sticking with only one company and convincing yourself that their yoyos are the best, you miss out on the great yoyos that other companies make.
I love yoyofactory and clyw and duncan and yyj and hspin and I dont think I would be able to appreciate any yoyos as much if I hadn’t tried other yoyos by multiple companies. I believe this can apply to most people. Just my 2 cents.

Samad, I mean no disrespect to you, I really don’t, but I use YoYoFactory products because I think they are THE best in the world. That is not ignorance, that my friend is fact.

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Thanks, no disrespect to you either, but you said you THINK they are the best, and so that’s not fact, that’s opinion.