what doesn't make sense to me.......

If you think YYF makes the best yoyos, but you don’t like some of them that you regularly use, how can they be the best?

Cough"I only use yoyojams"Cough
Cough Now yoyofactorycough

That’s an opinion. Your argument is invalid.

Well… I guess I can’t argure with that.

But I will still use YYF yoyos and I will still continue to belive they are the best. Because I’m very stuborn lol. :slight_smile:

I personally rely on Yoyofactory yoyos more than any other company and I feel most comfortable with them, and I have tried hundreds of different yoyos from different brands. And I’m sure a lot of other people feel the same way I do.


Sorry. lol

Man, everything you say has to do with General-Yo. Like somebody says which one is better in your preferences. And you say Whenever in doubt, always pick General-Yo! I’m just getting annoyed, but it’s OK.

Because you have sooo much room to talk? :wink:

But what he’s saying is just off topic. I’m OK with it in general, but not when it’s just random.

He may have been saying that general-yos will be used for the win in the next few contests.

It’s still kind of off topic. We’re talking about Yoyofactory.

And why higher quality yoyos aren’t being used more.

General-Yo yoyos aren’t higher quality then Yoyofactory. All you do is defend every yoyo company besides Yoyofactory. And that’s just your opinion about the General-Yo yoyos.

I argue the points that people seem to refuse to make.
Alot of people like YYF here, so I try to take a stance “Against” YYF, not because I think that they are bad, but because nobody seems to want to give other companies a chance. Yeah Yeah, you’ve tried every brand of yoyo blah blah blah, and YYF seems to be the best for you, that’s fine. The fact still remains that you are going to be bias towards YYF.

And I actually don’t like General-Yos that much.

I try to open peoples eyes towards smaller companies, because usually, they have the most interesting yoyos to play with. I’m sponsored by a REALLY small yoyo company, and I know what they go though. It’s tough, and small comapnies really cater towards players. Not that big companies don’t. I just love to those who are brave enough to go into a market dominated by three main companies.

Just my words though.
Take 'em if you want 'em.

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Thanks you for telling me that.

i like to use a variaty of yoyos. like one day i’ll be using a dv888 or
a skyline and then switch to a dark magic or a freehand zero.
even though i do really technical tricks ill throw a maverick , a hotshot ,
or even my zan navi. :slight_smile:

i thought it was b’cos the superstars, genesis and protostars all have a slightly longer spin time and are mad stable allowing for more competitive play


Yoyofactorys are cheap, and good. Nonsponsored people are obviously at a disadvantage fundwise.

I don’t want to say “Yeah what Q said”. :stuck_out_tongue: But, I do agree with him. Now I use yoyofactory and yoyojam because I have yet to try other yoyo companies. Some people like yoyofactory alot, some don’t. Personally, I like them, but I won’t exclusively buy yoyos from yoyofactory just because I like them. I like yoyojam too, but that doesn’t mean I will just buy from them either. I am sure I will like many other companies when I get the chance to try them. :slight_smile: