That whole yoyo factory thing.

Yep, to be honest I can’t really see any difference between say a 6061 Genesis and a Shutter that would justify the price difference. I mean, both are machined pretty much similarly and even the same (6061?) material, not like one is bimetal or has Michael Jackson signature on it or whatever. if the Shutter retails at $90-100 since the beginning and going with the “premium” line the price still “makes sense” to me.

others have already hit the nail on the head here. I will just reiterate, while most yyf perform to just as high a standard as any other yoyo, they simply produce more of them than other manufacturers. Lets take CLYW for example their throws are very nice but what keeps the price up is that they are released in very limited batches, the same can’t be said for yyf. While yyf throws might preform just as well, their sheer abundance drives down the perceived value.

If I could only have yo-yos from one company, I would pick YoyoFactory easily.

I think that the main reason a few people do not want YoyoFactory in the B/S/T is that YoyoFactory sells a lot of yo-yos, so people either already have them, or they already tried them.

Further, if I were running YoyoFactory, I would be extremely happy to know that there are some people who do not want my products in the second hand market. From a business point of view, you want to sell products new, but there is little benefit to have those same products sell at a retail price on the second hand market. YoyoFactory does not get money from B/S/T transactions, so it was very smart on their part to not end up that brand you are seeking the most in that market. We (as a general buying public) are buying YoyoFactory new, and that’s all that counts.

I like the job YoyoFactory has done releasing new models, promoting their classic models, offering great value, keeping us updated on what’s in the pipeline, giving us great colorways, and even some limited runs of editions to satisfy collectors. They have all bases covered, and a brilliant business model. As a buyer of new throws, they have my undivided attention. Nevermind the second hand market.


lol seems like im the only one here that likes the equilateral :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

No. I like it too. :slight_smile:

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I think you’re reading way too much into this. It’s called a budget metal by many because of the price, nothing more. Less than $50 USD seems to be the generally agreed upon cutoff point. The quality, manufacturing methods, materials or the endorsers are not the reasoning behind the moniker, and it is not to imply that the term “budget metal” means that the yoyo is inferior either. YYF chose their price point for some yoyos recently, which was significantly lower than the average price for themselves and many other manufacturers, and is easier on the consumer’s “budget”. Hence, budget metal.

nope I like the equilateral too.

I’d probably say the same. Maybe YYR because I am a massive fan of them but yoyofactory has so many models compared to my favorite company, General Yo, so you would almost never get bored of throwing the same throws.

I love mine! I bought it at from YYE at WYYC 2012. Loved it ever since.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. YYF has always produced very, very nice yoyos. They seem to be on a tear as of late. Everything they’ve done for the last 18 months-2 years is practically perfect. I love their throws, their anodizations, they’re finishes…realistically I still consider myself a CLYW “fanboy” or whatever lame nonsense you want to call it, but I purchase everything YYF comes out with and they’re absolutely great. My polished rims Shutter is absolute magic. It’s the smoothest, softest thing I’ve ever played. Turning Point, YYR, General Yo be damned…that Shutter is a masterpiece. The Space Cowboy, the 2014 Genesis, Horizon, Cyborg, Proton, Cypher…I mean, all of these throws are absolute winners in my book. I can’t think of a bad thing to say about any of them. They may not be for some people and that’s fine. I’m a fan and I’ll gladly continue to buy and (hopefully) be impressed with whatever they come up with.

Me too!! Love it!

I keep a list of my yoyo’s and surprise the biggest group is YYF. And my favorite throws are the Equilateral (which I received in last years Mystery Box) and the Cypher.

I think the reason why is just YYF yoyos are more common, and so many people have it. People on the BST are usually looking for less common or rarer yoyos.
Don’t think it’s bias against YYF, just don’t want to trade hard-to-get for easy-to-get

EDIT: BTW YYF is my favorite company ::slight_smile:

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I’ve got 2! I think they are great. I’ve got my extra in the BST, just cause I really don’t need 2. But not sure where the hate comes from. The very first post talking about it feeling cheap, not sure if I just got a couple really good ones or what ???

im not a fan of some of YYF throws but a good chunk of what i have had the chance to throw ive always been impressed buy their ingenuity and continuous production rate, of course it is a feeding frenzy when it comes to die hard throwers looking for the new thing to put in their hands,which allows them to shine in the degree of productivity and keeping us fed. i am more of a boutique kind of guy,G-Squared being my top priority when it comes to throws. But YYF’s are always a pleasure, i have been known to turn down YYF’s in the past but not for the whole “they suck” factor cuz they are great yoyo’s but for the rarity rate and usually they are not looked after like a rare Chief or a palpitation or even something like a movitation,they are usually alil beat by the time they hit the BST,which should prove the fact that are are good yoyo’s because they were thrown so much. Which brings me to what TA said,YYF’s are something i usually buy Brand new so i can give it that love and destruction till it reaches the BST XD.
There is nothing wrong with any of their products,all excellent,all worth the price all wonderful throwing fun.
My favorite still to this day is the cyborg and the 2014 Genesis also love the czm8.and like previously stated they will come out with the next restock very soon on most of their newest throws,so they are not micro brewed in the least bit so that makes it very nonexclusive to have,so that is what drives the “no YYF will be accepted thing” cuz you can buy one if wanted.

I just wanna say that YYF is my favorite company and I have never had one problem with any of the yoyos I have of their’s, which include:

2012 Genesis (x2)
Super G
Fast 201
Loop 900
Grind Machine

nor have I found any problems with any of the other ones that I don’t have.

YYF is awesome but their bearings, on the other hand, are awful. I have 6 yyf throws and 5 of the specs have died on me.

They also stand behind their product and have excellent customer service - try contacting them, I’m sure they’d be willing to send you some replacements.

Hmm, after reading this i keep seeing people saying the whole not rare thing. But there is something to be said for a certain yoyo putting people off buying from the brand, I have had problems with some older YYF’s but I love my shutter and horizon, but I like to keep a variety going.

Meh, it’s a melting pot of yoyos, some are going to come on top and some go to the bottom.

Not saying that’s bad, to each his own… I think I’m ranting/thinking out loud now though.

I think I might have come across wrong yoyodoc. I wasn’t lighting a fire. I was just thinking out loud. I like yyf. My first yoyo was from them. I wouldn’t really choose them to invest most of my money for Yoyos into but I think that they produce some good stuff. That’s somewhat due to the reason that I live fairly close to One Drop and you can buy their Yoyos from the factory in Eugene Oregon for half price.

I think the reason people hate on them is because of the made in china manufacturing and lack of rarity.

They play very nice though! Dying to get a Space Cowboy.

But I mean, if you compare YYF to General-Yo, there’s a difference.