Does anybody else think the shutter is one of YYFs greatest throws of all time?

My current favorite my current favorite Youo factory yo-yo is definitely the 7075 supernova it has that stability speed and just that fun aspect that I don’t find in the Genesis or the superstar.

Then I got my hands on the shutter the shutter is one unbelievable yoyo. It kind of resembles the chief in some ways. It’s truly amazing… If you would put the shutter next to Genesis superstar can’t list etc. I would have no idea what’s priced any differently than all high end Yoyofactory yoyos

7075supernova is my favorite yo-yo from yo-yo factory but that might just change…

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It’s fairly meh to me I like the price but I own lots of cool stuff and I just don’t reach for the shutter that often. Although I do like the blasted shutter more then the non blasted if that counts for anything. I know I’m in he minority here but it’s how. I feel.

What do you like better from YYF?

Honestly I like the 2013 supernova better, but I’m more into generalyo and OneDrop if I had to be picky.

i agree with you! my very first full metal was a Genesis, and i still like it, i also got a ricochet and played a little with the 2013 superstar and i like the shutter most of all of them. i definitely want to get a supernova soon. but so far, the shutter is amazing for me i throw it as much as my barracuda.

i was so sad seeing the splash versions of the shutter and that they are not sold anywhere in europe :frowning:

:smiley: well i gues my green one looks cool too^^

Speaking of shocking throws that are unreal.

The barracuda is freakish. End of story.
Why the shutter is so gosh darn good I don’t know

My top 5 YYFs would be

  1. Champion’s Collection Hubstack Genesis (without stacks)
  2. Catalyst
  3. H.O.T
  4. Delrin Severe (if anyone has a mint, smooth black one for trade I’m interested!)
  5. Super G

Honorable mentions: OG Superstar, MVP, Proton, Roll Model, Protostar, Northstar, G-Funk

Most Disappointing: Equilateral, Tactic, ONEstar

I’ve also played a Nova, 2010 Severe, 2012 Genesis, WHiP, ONE, Starlite, Starbrite, Velocity, Speed Dial, stackless PGM, Shutter, g5, '07 888, 888x, and BOSS.

The Shutter I found to be good, but a bit too slow for me. Not something I would buy for myself, but if I got one in a trade or something I would still enjoy it.

I reslly enjoyed ny Shutter. HOT is my favorite though

The DNA is their best yoyo.

Shutter is very good, but the 09 Severe is probably the best thing they ever did.

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09’ Severe’s are awesome. I haven’t played a shutter but I can almost for sure say, I won’t like it more.

I’d say it’s in the top 5 of yiffs, but like previously stated, the New Supernova/2011 Supernova are tier 1 stuff. However, Imo the best yoyofactorys are the GM2 and the 7075 Catalyst. Soooo goood.

Ive tried protostar, northstar, g funk, one, whip, velocity, and shutter. Shutter is my favorite in some ways (size, stability) and g funk in some other ways (pretty much just speed).

Grind machine 2… No question.

Can’t tell if serious…

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Why wouldn’t he be serious? That is one of the best yoyos ever.

I think the Shutter is AMAZING, but moreso when you consider the value. Some other YYF throws can outshine it, but they cannot measure up to the value when you look at the price and what you get for it. The Shutter is certainly in the running for top YYF in terms of value, but it still has some tough competition. It’s the fact that the throw is great…and the price is great too.

My top 5 YoyoFactorys so far:

  1. Ricochet
  2. Doomsday Genesis
  3. Small Bearing Genesis…any other Genesis quite frankly
  4. H.O.T.
  5. Shutter

I give that business a lot of credit. To offer an all metal for $45, you probably have to sell a ton of them. In order to sell a ton of them, you have to make it something great that a lot of people will want to buy. They accomplished it, and simultaneously released the throw that Gentry Stein used to win Nationals in the same year. I don’t know if that was the plan, but if it was, it was executed flawlessly. That is what I just love about YoyoFactory these days…love it. A lot of great business sense, and as a customer, I get to reap the benefits. Thank you kindly. :wink:

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I’m being serious, the GM2 is amazing. Wish they would start making them again. They’d sell like hot cakes.

Oh, good. I love it to death… It’s so old but so good. I tried it a long time ago.

So I’ve just landed back from the honeymoon phase.
Yes the shutter is an unbelievable throw and an even better value but it doesn’t trump my 2011 7075 USA supernova.

The supernova will head back to the case but! I have an Idea! I’ll just buy a shutter in my favorite color and use it as my daily throw! So if it gets dinged eh… Wasn’t expensive in the first place… But all the while I’ll be playing with a yoyo I’d take over numerous 100$+ throws on the market. Best of both worlds.