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There is a topic floating around here that has a fair bit of heavily biased dis-information in it. I’m not american but I consider it to be pretty unpatriotic.

Free speech allows you to say whatever you want. It also affords me the right to post this here. (Unless the moderators want to clean that up and move this).

YoYoFactory have produced yoyo in the USA since 2004. We still do.

Want to buy American?

CZM8 (check color for country of origin).
Superstar Classic

All 100% made in USA.


All meet federal requirements to claim ‘made in USA’, however we choose not to market them as such because some of the process is not made in USA.

Plus some SHUTTER and tooHOT fall into the same category.

All of these yoyo have their final assembly and testing done in Arizona by Americans.

We are a private company based in Arizona paying USA taxes.

The only employee who isn’t American is me. Im Australian.


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Well, that’s neat, Ben. But I thought you were done here? I kinda miss that.

As usual I think you’re taking things a little too personally. I havent seen anyone here claiming all your product is China made. Just that a large chunk of it is, which… is true.

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I think it very thoughtful to post this when you are feeling flak from a subject. I think some people become edgy or rather complacent when they don’t hear that a product is made in the USA right in their faces. You make a very valid point that everything is made in America.
The only reason why people are hating on YoYoFactory is because they don’t have the exclusivity that the smaller batch companies have. That’s what I like about you guys, you can provide the performance to so many people.
I do think this is being taken a bit heavy but everyone should speak their mind.

Thank you for posting this. Only reason people hate on yyf is because you guys aren’t like clyw, one drop, etc. who all make smaller batches of yoyos. Fact is that yyf is probably the second most successful yoyo company besides Duncan. Not sure on the numbers, but from the looks, yyf is the second best selling brand. Don’t quote me on that though. I own almost exclusively yyf yoyos and have ever only had a problem with 1. Fact is that where they’re made doesn’t matter. If it’s high quality, then I’d like to own it and that’s exactly what yoyofactory has provided.

I’m just curious, but why didn’t you revive your old account lol

Regardless of why you are back, I’m just happy that you have come back.

We are stronger with you, than without…

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I couldn’t have said it better myself. I appreciate a company based in the United States, that pays taxes in the United States, employs United States citizens and residents, and provides such great product to Americans like myself. ;D

But seriously, my focus is not all the “made in the U.S.A.” stuff anyway. I just want to support a company that listens to customer demands, when it makes good business sense to do so, that provides great product, while offering value, with an ability to keep new ideas in the pipeline and generate excitement in this hobby.

A company that gives back so much to yo-yo, reinvesting funds back into the community, and traveling the world to create new yo-yoers everywhere, should never be reduced to the topic of where some models or parts are made. But, for those it matters to, you now have a list of models to support that were “made in the U.S.A.”

I think the username “YoFactryBen” would have been perfect. :wink: Now, time for visual aid:

https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2904/14617798434_9aeac7760b_c.jpgGenesisUSA by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

For me it seems that the “America > China” thing just seems to be something that people say without really thinking about it. After all, let’s not forget what else was made in China:

So I think it’s pretty clear that they have some talented machinists over there.

Personally as long as a yoyo plays decently, I couldn’t really care less where it was made. Judging by the popularity of the Shutter, I’d say alot of people are happy with the end result. :slight_smile:

Did somebody say Shutter? :wink:

https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5614/15489690000_f6f61c20df_z.jpgShutterACspin18 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Thats quiet the heavy tone to start a thread with. I think people who complain about Chinese made products are referring to low quality knock offs or mistreating workers to keep prices impossibly low. I never heard anyone trash talk C3YoyoDesign. It’s good to hear that information about YYF, but if the complaint is grating to the company,then really YYF should take a close look at their marketing. They have the ability to reshape that opinion. If you want people to know you’re an American based company then why not include it in the marketing? That being said, that perception never kept me from buying the product. I think it’s a great company that supports the hobby well and you have to give them credit for that.

Companies based in China like C3Yoyodesign usually don’t get any complaints, since they make their products where their company is located, whereas YYF is a USA based company that manufactures some throws in China. This is probably where the “hate” comes from.

Nevertheless, YYF’s quality is suburb.

People should start. There’s no reason for them to sell a 6061 body with 7075 rim weights for 180 when it’s made in China. That’s just over pricing it. People complain about CLYW being expensive, but those are at least made in the US, where the price of machining is much higher than that of China.

I don’t think people advocating that something be made in America over China are doing so because of any quality reasons. When a company cuts cost of production by getting it made somewhere else (called outsourcing), there are definitely benefits like being able to mass produce and sell the product at a much cheaper cost, but it comes with downsides, too. A lot of them at the expense of the workers in the foreign country who generally experience a lack of safety and quality in the workplace as well as low wages.

I’m not here to convince you or anyone what to believe, just wanted to make it clear why someone would try to avoid things that were made in China (or outsourced at all, it could be the same scenario with being made in UK vs Taiwan).

They are pricing it based off what the market will allow. It is a business after all, and nothing in business is done without the intent of making profit. I’m sure there is a good chance that they run a higher margin than other companies, but that’s the route they’ve decided to run with. There are plenty of other factors that May or may not have had an impact, such as prestige pricing, etc, but in the end business is business and it’s our choice to support it or not.

see you’re talking about capitalism, in china they have a little thing called communism…

Glad I was/wasn’t missed.

I personally have no gripe with ‘made in China’ (as you may have guessed, as we do make stuff there). The machines used, the skill of machinists, the materials all can be world class.

We offer a choice.

The but that gets me (and how) is the hipocracy in the negative talk on what we do in offering this choice. I like doing ‘made in USA’. I’m at the machine shop right now. I don’t want this to fail because we need to spin it and change opinions and us to only produce in China.

The problem is that “Made in the USA” brings with it the connotation that ALL of it is done in the USA, federal guidelines be darned. One step being done in another country is disingenuous to that statement, especially a large step such as machining the actual product. One should never call a CLYW product “Made in the USA” since the design work is done in Canada even though they outsource the machining to the US, it is Canadian.

If you want to help those that feel strongly about this you might want to post which models do not fall under the “Made in the USA” banner and also maybe the runs of the Shutter and TooHot that do fall under that banner.