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I love the guy arguing with YYF. He makes so much sense. If you are on this forum though, this is not meant to offend you.


Ah, people are funny sometimes. This is not really one of those times.



well he made so much sense I can see his point.


I don’t care where the yoyo is made as long as it is good quality and doesn’t have an engraving saying it was made in China with the batch number and date.


This man does not make sense. He’s just being arrogant. YYF does a great job in offering good quality yoyo’s for lower than average price. With the uprising of “budget metals” such as the shutter, horizon, SHU-TA, rally (even though its plastic) etc. its clear that the yoyo consumer market actually cares how much yoyo’s cost. But making their yoyo’s in the USA and in China, it makes it so that the consumer has the opportunity to buy a very high quality yoyo for a more affordable price. I have a supernova that was made in China and its fantastic. I could have spent $20 extra and gotten an american one but to me origin doesn’t matter. If the machines and worskmen do a good job, then the country doesnt matter. How would you feel if you could get any yoyo you wanted for $20-30 cheaper without cutting quality? im sure all of you would jump on that…

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I love seeing people complain about goods not being made in the USA…

…from their computers, none of which were made in the USA.


I miss seeing the stuff Ben would post on here


I would be absolutely amazed if there was a single household in all of the USA without a single product in it that wasn’t made in China.



My car was made in the USA and it’s impossible to turn the air blowers off. When I’m driving down the motorway, even with it set to “0” it’s like having a hairdryer in my face.



I remember when Da Fact’ry posted this photo of some of their American made throws on Instagram. Some manufacturers don’t even have this many throws in their entire catalog. :smiley: They are making plenty in the U.S.A. Besides, they run a business in the U.S.A, pay taxes in the U.S.A. and employ Americans too, so that’s more than enough U.S.A. contribution. 8)



People just like to hate on YYF for no reason.

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I’ve noticed that.

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Nothing raises the ire of mediocre people like seeing others succeed.

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Haters gonna do what they do best…



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Yes. LOVE.


That’s right, because as they say, there’s a thin line between love and hate haha.




I’m alright with them manufacturing in china. If only they wouldn’t engrave it as massively on the side as they do sometimes. The Superwide is an example of the massive made in China.


if only the world worked like that lol