Thoughts on "Made in China"

YYF started doing this a while ago. Mostly made in the USA and then they started producing certain yoyos in China to cut costs in order to get more throws into peoples’ hands. Still have their USA/premium yoyos, but also budget friendly yoyos that play great. YYR is a super popular company turning out incredible yoyos and they have recently released their Rebellion line on YYE and they look great! Steve B. posted something about a discussion about the idea of a CLYW made in China.

What are y’all’s thoughts on this?

I like the way YYR did it with the whole, “by yoyorecreation.” It is directed by them, but doe not have much to do with their premium yoyos. YYF is getting good yoyos into people hands which is awesome. I definitely remember when yyf started this though, I noticed a decline in their overall quality, and their prices were not as good as they are now. They have definitely figured it out.

I am a HUGE CLYW fan, and think the company is amazing! I love the partnership with OD, and think they turn out the best yoyos/return tops ever. I do worry a bit about a China made CLYW, but would not mind, necessarily, them directing a new line.

BUT! I like that every CLYW is special and premium. I feel like the Rebellion line takes a little away from the allure of a YYR. Maybe I am crazy (most likely am…themrcrawfish on youtube /shameless plug) but I like CLYW exactly how it is, and I am wondering if any big YYR fans feel Rebellion has taken away from YYR or if it is fine.

Thoughts!? =)

I’d embrace it if it was an extension of CLYW, similar to YYR like you said. Kind of like how Lexus owns Toyota. Luxury vs. budget. I think it would be cluttered with their top tier stuff combined with Chinese products.

That being said, most people are under the false assumption that China has poor quality. China does make very good parts. As a way to spread the love to those who can’t shell out $150 each release, it’d be cool to see some budget metals.

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The place of manufacture doesn’t affect my buying decision (unless workers are paid/treated unfairly etc etc), the end-product quality does. If CLYW (or any other yo-yo company) can get high quality yo-yos made in China and sell them at a lower cost, I’m 100% all for it.

We are part of a global economy. Since I accept this as a fact of life, I don’t care where things are made.

Unless we’re talking sweat shops. That stuff ain’t cool.

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It doesn’t much matter to me where quality is concerned. Chinese plants are just as capable of producing quality goods as anyone else. And I think a premium brand that moves some production over there is going to require the same level of QC as usual. If not, that’s more on the requesting company than the location doing the work.

I have reservations about the continued relegation of the Chinese factory worker to a substandard environment, though. But that’s a huge problem, far bigger than premium yoyos, and difficult to avoid at best.

I wouldn’t mind it. I really like the premium qquiality of CLYW but if the added a budget yoyo to there line up I would be all for that.

Makes business sense to me…They can keep all the clamor of “premium” CLYW releases while the subsidary/budget line sells volume.

However, when there were 3 peak halves made in China, the specs were right, but the profile was lost in translation. There’d have to be some test runs first.

as long as they still do the anodizing by themselves i dont care

show us where?

This would be a good move for CLYW. No doubt people would keep buying the real CLYW’s, but making some lower-end’s in China would allow people to have a trial run of sorts; which may lead them to buying a more expensive CLYW.

Basically, this would get a CLYW yo-yo in more people’s hands. I support the premium companies making non-premium yo-yo’s as a subset company.

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^ Who on earth is going to waste their time scrolling through page after page of answers to find the ones in question?

Me, that’s who.



I buy yo-yos no matter where they are made, the United States of America, Italy, Germany, Canada, Japan, China or wherever. Especially, if it has one of my favorite brands’ stamp of approval. For example, some companies visit the factories used to make it’s products. And, we should never assume that every single factory in China handles business the exact same way. I’m sure many of them have great standards. I think it’s good to diversify the production and find a business model that works. Getting in on the budget metal market, when you make yo-yos full time, is definitely a smart move.

I would certainly be fine with CLYW branching out to explore factory alternatives. And, I think that budget metals are fantastic. It’s good for every brand to have variety, and appeal to people no matter how little they can afford to spend. You can have something for everyone, from collectors of limited rare high end throws, to the kid looking for budget yo-yo to beat up. If diversifying production at a Chinese factory is the best way to achieve that range, I’m all for it. Especially, when the lines are now blurred, and there is a chance you might enjoy your budget metal more than your high end throw. We want our favorite companies to make great yo-yos at a cost that allows them to remain in business. For example, made in the U.S.A. is great, but not at the expense of going out of business. You can make some in the U.S.A, some in China, diversify production, lower the cost of business, and appeal to more consumers as well by offering value.

It’s sad, if the best thing or worst thing we can say about a company, is where their throws are manufactured. I’m over the “where was the yo-yo made” thing, and choose to focus on other things. The vast majority of consumers are just looking for a product that looks great, and performs great, especially at a great price.

If there is any business that is not at least considering diversifying production, and what “made in China” has to offer, I wonder how many yo-yos they plan to sell, and for how long. YoyoFactory has got it figured out, and more should definitely follow their lead. CLYW would have my support.

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is the cyborg 2 made in china

I would love to try some CLYW stuff that is more affordable.
It might lead to some bigger purchases later on.

I’ve never understood why people care where something is made. YYF is probably the most successful yoyo company next to duncan. People still buy more of their made in china throws than they buy of any other companies made in America. Making stuff in China is a genius business decision since you can get a bigger profit margin, make more throws, and make more money allowing you to increase the size of the business. The current throws made in China don’t play any better or worse than ones made in America. Most of the yoyo companies that currently make stuff in China are making more money than multiple other companies combined. People are still buying them and they still play great. I guarantee that if you didn’t know whether or not a throw was made in china, you wouldn’t be able to tell by throwing it. If you can, then I want to make a superhero movie about you so that I can make a boat load of money (assuming people would watch it)

let me clarify this, actually the quality of something made from china or anywhere is about the same.
But,China has cheap human sources so most company produce their things in China. The owner of the brand only need to tell them what material to use. Even your iPhone is made in China. Hope you understand my broken English

i m still yet to see a China made yoyo with the same blast finish modern US manufacturers can do. C3 is the closest but still not quite the same level

Honestly, the only reason I prefer buying made in USA things is patriotism. I get a nice feeling when I say “Made in the U.S. of A.” Perhaps this is a character flaw, but I know that many people share the same flaw.

      A common misconception is that because something is more inexpensive, it subsequently becomes cheaper in quality. I have used countless Chinese-made yo-yo's that have outplayed countless USA-made yo-yo's. I think that the fear of yo-yo's made overseas is based mainly on ignorance. People fear stuff they don't know. When the average person thinks about manufacturing in China, they generally think about some kind of crappy work conditions where people just pump out the one-dollar yo-yo's for the dollar store without caring squat about the quality. The only time that this thought would be justified would be if the person thinking this had first-hand knowledge of this actually existing and being prominent.

People really just don’t know what it’s like over in China-manufacturing-land, which leads them to make stuff up. They don’t know where the yo-yo came from, so they don’t trust it.