I feel like no one really talks about yyf yoyos much even though they can be really nice! So comment some yoyos u have from yyf u like and why! Or don’t like and why and how they stack up to ur high ends.

Supernova - Don’t really like it because it doesn’t feel stable enough to me, not a good grind finish and it just doesn’t feel right to me, not my style I guess!

7075 genesis - really like this one actually. Plays pretty fast, faster than the supernova and is really stable! Has a nice feel I enjoy but mine has a terrible grind surface.

Nova - fun little throw. Not super stable but pretty stable for an undersized throw. It’s light which I love and floaty!

Shaqlerstar - too heavy feeling for me but it stable

Onestar - really light, not very stable, but I find it really fun for some reason.

Roll model - didn’t play this for long but it suprised me and was better than I expected.

I don’t really feel like yyf needs to be talked about as much everyone knows their yoyos are great and they have been around for so long most people have tried them.

My favorite has been the 2013 superstar kicks but worth way more then I paid (better then any yoyorec I’ve tried)

Everyone knows them but not much is really said about them really.

Stacked Genesis- I love it. First stacked throw. Nice stable. And surprisingly floaty

Supernova- was my first high end. For me super stable and fast. Loved it.

Roll Model- mid sized and stable with a CT. A take everywhere throw.

One star- cheap plastic with protostar shape. Plays well but nothing super mega awesome

Protostar- I own 2. Rivals any metal in a performance since. Mine are both super smooth. Not sure if their all that smooth. Should get as much hype as Yeti/Rally in my opinion.

Back in like 2010 it had a very strong following. Agree that it is an absolutely insane yoyo for the price and for a plastic. It’s almost like people forget it exists or something when talking about high end plastics these days.

Also not really sure where “no one really talks about YYF yoyos much” is coming from. I think it’s probably the most talked about brand of all. The people talking about OD and CLYW may be a lot louder though.

I probably forgot some but I’ve owned:

63g 07 888
64g 07 888
sb 07 888
07 888w
sb 07 888w
08 888
Skyline (2010 models)
sb Genesis
Superstar (not 2013)
Mutant DNA
Hubstack Genesis

A ton of yoyos on this list were my favorite throw/main throw at one point, Yuuksta was my main travel throw (and it was always a YYF even if not Yuuksta) for 3 years. In this big list the only ones that didn’t really agree with me were the Proton which just felt a bit too heavy/solid for me but was a great player and the Equilateral/H.O.T. both of which I thought I’d really like but they turned out to be just a little too wide for my preferences.

Yuuksta/Boss were borderline revolutionary imo with their extremely low price point (at the time) for the performance they offered.

Stuff like DNA, Mutant DNA, Skyline, Primo and AG (took a long time to grow on me) are absolutely fantastic throws that didn’t get much press for one reason or another.

888, Genesis and Superstar are legendary. The Superstar rehash has gotten solid reviews and many people have raved about both the 7075 and various Luis Genesis releases.

The Ricochet is a bit expensive as a yoyo but quite inexpensive in the world of titanium yoyos and one of VERY few undersized yoyos released in 2013 that stood out at all. YYF is not afraid to put out interesting models that go against what almost everyone else is doing (ie every new CLYW metal release seems fairly competition oriented, they have 0 undersized models at the moment which makes me a sad panda)

I’ve not owned a Shutter but you can’t open a “what yoyo is the best value?” thread without seeing 50% of the responses include Shutter.

I think a large part of people seeming quiet about YYF is that very few releases have any insane hype behind them and they also just have so many models coming out what seems like constantly. Combine that with what seems like many of their models having pretty low price points recently I think the YYF chatter (despite being nearly constant imo) is fairly quiet. I suspect many of us just sit there and say “oh yeah, the new YYF. I bet it’ll play great at a fair price and come in a number of moderately appealing colors” every couple weeks as the new models roll in. Other companies that people would say have a lot of hype have far fewer models available and far fewer runs of each model so there is more time for the anticipation to build up.

Wow, how did this turn out to be such a long post. Came in here just to say 1. Protostar is awesome, 2. YYF is really popular.

when I said people don’t seem to talk about yyf a lot, I think I mean there’s not much hype and it doesn’t seem like anyone is eager to write a review on them.

I think that’s because people prefer non-mass produced companies. Idk though

Idk why anyone would prefer not mass produced stuff, unless its for collecting purposes but as for play it shouldn’t matter.

Y’all act like there’s 15,000 supernovas made each run. The community is big but not that big. Having a YYF product makes you like the only person in a 75 mile radius that even knows what YYF is. (Unless you’re at a yoyo club or a event) Just cuz there’s a 1000 out there doesn’t mean it’s mass produced.

Nike shoes are mass produced. You can go to any mall in the country and find a pair of them. You’ll be hard pressed to find a YYF metal anywhere but online. I don’t see how any performance or high end yoyo can be considered “mass” produced.


It’s all in comparison to other yoyo companies that don’t produce as much.

Equilateral- floaty, plays heavy. Y’know what I mean :wink:

ShaqlerStar- little bit of float, quite nice.

DV888- my first metal. Quite nice actually

2013 Supernova- heft and slow(ish jbritter3 :wink: ). Main v-shape yoyo

Shutter- first run, not my favorite, but it’s fast and floaty. Fun to mess around with

Grind machine (plastic)- not like its horrible, but I don’t use it often

Severe- awesome Delrin throw. About as floaty as you can get.

One- good beginner throw. My first YYF

Loop 1080- awesome looper.

Loop 900- good for classic tricks, as it did break

Popstar- good, fun, little yoyo. I can do a lot of my tricks on it. Quite good for grinds

Well, that’s all of them ( I think a few are scattered around the house ;D )

I love the counter attack. It doesn’t get talked about much but I don’t know why. It plays on par with the protostar IMO and it’s the organic shape that I like (54 and Canvas are my fave yoyos ATM)

The new supernova is slow??? What a turn off lol

Hmm… Well my play style with is slow. Usually my play style is quite fast. ???

(As you can see, I love the word quite :smiley: )

Hm how’s the speed compares to ur shaqlerstar ?

Close, a bit faster and floater than the supernova

It’s all about Catalysts! The only YYF I care to keep in my collection. Great throw, extremely versatile.

Gotta say that the Ann Connoly H.O.T. looks pretty awesome (black/blue acid wash, purple splash). It’s a shame I didn’t much care for the H.O.T., it looked enough like the Cascade that I thought I’d love it but it is just a tad too big for me I think. Or maybe it’s a blessing since I don’t need more than 1 H.O.T. even if I love it lol. It looks great though.

I have to agree, YYF know what they’re doing. just look at the Shutter… that thing took the yoyo world by storm.

7075 ‘Doomsday’ Genesis = One of my favourite throws of all time, and in my belief, one of the best performing. Just spins and spins and spins and has stability that would put a russian gymnast to shame. Not the fastest throw in the world, but then with such solid stability and spin, you wouldn’t expect it to be… plenty fast for me though.

7075 Supernova = Solid feeling but still nippy. Tends to be a tad slippy on binds I’ve found, even with new pads, but the performance is great. Deliberate… not as stable as the Genesis but plays faster. If I was to compete with a YYF throw, I’d use the 7075 Supernova.

Supernova Lite = Lighter, faster, floatier, fun-er. However it lacks the spin and stability of it’s heavier brethren… quite noticably so.

CZM84VK = Fantastic performance, but lacks much of a feel. Spins for ages and is very stable, but it feels somewhat robotic in it’s play. Not traditionally “solid” nor “floaty”, it kind of rides the wave between both. Binds can be a tad slippy due to the red competition pads, but these can be easily changed. Middle of the road in terms of speed as well, it’s fast, but not the fastest. Great performance though, the best grinding surface I’ve ever come across (even better than Gen-Yo’s), and once the price is taken in to account, it makes it one of the best value-for-money throws that I’ve ever bought.

Superstar (Pre-2013) = Good throw, I de-stacked mine to reduce the noise. Plays fast and somewhat light feeling. Mid wall rejects better than it’s 2013 counterpart. Stability and spin are adequate, though by no means comparable to the Genesis or CZM84VK. I prefer it’s feel in play to the new Superstar due to the nicer feel on the string, it’s one of the more enjoyable YYF’s to throw.

Superstar 2013 = A fantastic throw. Fast, long spinning and stable, however it falls prey to the same problem that the CZM8 has in that I feel that it lacks any real nice feeling to play. Somewhat robotic, although that in no way takes away from it’s performance. I can’t put my finger on it but something feels like it’s missing to me.

= A mini Genesis, maybe I’m not the best person to comment on undersized throws because I’m not their biggest fan, but I haven’t found the Yuuksta to be very stable. Doesn’t play that fast compared to some undersized models that I’ve tried either.

= I must admit, I really did not like the Skyline. I found it unstable and spin times to be rather poor. My least favourite YYF of all time.

MVP2 = A very strangely shaped yoyo. Whilst the shape is novel, and oddly comfortable, it just doesn’t hit the hand as nicely as something like a Supernova does. Lacks the stability of the more stable YYF models, and it’s not really as fast as I would like. Somewhat solid feeling.

Obviously this is all my opinion so it should be taken with a pinch of salt.

I have an Ann WHiP which I just love! I had a blue one that was my first unresponsive, but some how I managed to lose it, and now I have a pink one.

I also have a One. I got it as a show and tell yoyo (a basic, but good yoyo that can take a beating) just in case I ever need to do a little show and tell. I needed to put a nice drop of thick lube in the slim bearing before it was the right responsiveness for me, but it is a great yoyo for working on the basics. When I switched out the bearings it became a great little unresponsive player and even helped me clean up some of my tricks.

I also have a Starbrite, which I really like. I don’t mind and would even go as far to say that I enjoy the weight of it (some seem to think that it is too light). However, it is really loud even after I lubed it and I had to go through some death grip spacers (which are now all scratched up) to get to the bearing. So, even though it is a great throw I generally avoid playing it due to the noise.

Now let me just say that what yoyos I buy depends how much it cost compared to how much I can afford, and usually I can’t even afford a fifty dollar yoyo (and even if I could my parents would have a fit if I ever spent that much on yoyos and they see all my online purchases). YYF makes some amazing throws that are affordable and I admire them for that.

Everything I stated is my opinion.