Best YYF yoyo

What do you think the best YYF yoyo is? I want to know your opinion!!!

Supernova or Equilateral or the MVP

Haven’t tried the 2 yet so can’t say


Supernova is most popular, and in my opinion the best, but I like to warn people that however good quality their yo-yos are, I’ve heard that as a company YYF is not very nice…
No hate, just what I’ve seen from my experience

Protostar, by a a lot.

As far as bang for your buck goes, very few yoyos, YYF or otherwise, can beat the Protostar and Northstar. Personal favourite would have to go to the later run Superstars in 6061 aluminium.


I am very uncomfortable with broad, hollow defamatory slanders against an entire business such as… “as a company YYF is not very nice…”. What precisely are the grounds for claiming they’re “not nice.” Have they been known to throw rocks at the neighbors Yorkshire Terriers? Did they put dog-doo in a little girls lunch sack at school? Are they pushing first graders off the swings at recess? Are they peddling yo-yos which are broken otherwise deficent and then telling the buyer “tough luck” when they file a complaint or want a refund?

I don’t think anything like the above is an activity of YYF. So what do you mean “YoYoFactory is not very nice.” What precisely was your “experience”? If you have no specific incident or injustice to site as unequivocal demonstration that they or any other merchant have failed to be “nice” please refrain from empty, ambiguous incriminations. If you have legitimately experienced disreputable business practices with anyone please address your grievance directly and discretely with that individual or company. Let us not come on here and broadcast vague, sweeping libels against persons or enterprises with no verification of the validity of such defamation.

In other words don’t be mean yourself to anyone for no good reason.

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Screw the hate talk.

Superstar is my favorite YYF, followed by the Mutant DNA, of what I have in my collection.

Out of what I’ve tried, Super G, followed by the G5.

Superstar is best, then Skyline, then 888, then Dv888, then Popstar. i own all of them.

My favorite (can’t believe nobody mentioned it yet) is the BOSS. Not a big fan of undersized but it is classy and comfy.

I’ve dealt personally with Yoyofactory many times. Each time has been a complete joy as everyone has always been very helpful, kind, and generous. My first time contacting YYF I corresponded with Ben and he was incredibly good to me and worked diligently to aliviate my woes.

It’s been my experience that often, people having difficulties with a product, yoyo related or not, they think they need to shout and scream to get help. They like to make a seen in hopes their needs will be taken care of, via facebook, the forums, or in person. It appears Ben doesn’t appreciate that approach and let’s you know it.

Manners always matter! I’ve read about some pretty strong negative experiences people supposedly have had dealing with YYF and as easy as it’s always been for myself to deal with YYF, I always wonder what the other side of the story is. I’m not going to argue anything, I can’t verify or discount anyone elses experience, just wanted to share my own experience and it’s been all good.

I’ve enjoyed many of the YYF yoyos. I’d probably own more if more of them had a different finish. I really like good grinding finishes, not that I’m great at grinding just that I have smaller hands so when I inadvertantly make contact with the yo sticky finishes slow it down more.

like I said, I don’t mean any hate. it’s just that I have heard from a few people that the people that run the company are not very nice. I’m sorry if I offended anyone. I know the team is great an all, but I’m just trying to say. I don’t know for sure, I have never really dealt with them before. Please don’t get mad at me for what I said. I don’t want to really say where I heard it from, because they probably wouldn’t want me telling people.

My favorite YYF metals I’ve thrown are the Supernova, Genesis, and Superstar.
My favorite undersized metal YYFs I’ve thrown (not a fan of undersized) are the BOSS and Dv888.
My favorite YYF Plastic I’ve thrown is the YYF Protostar.

Also, I have had really really really good experiences with YYF. I know a lot of people think there this big bad company that tries to screw people and other companies and contests over, but I can’t complain because everytime I’ve dealt with YYF they’ve been awesome. I’ve met alot of people from YYF including Ben, Pat, the team members and all of them are pretty cool, so I can’t complain because I’ve been treated fairly. Now let’s keep the bashing to a minimum or a zeromum to be exact.

I agree, lets stop arguing. When I made the first post, I didn’t mean to start anything, I just thought that I should mention what I had heard.

Nobody is mad, I’m just saying that the people that have problems are the ones that make the noise while those that have good experiences have nothing to complain about so you don’t hear about the good things. I was just sharing a good experience.

Hear say is tricky. How does one know what is truth and what is inaccurate? Hear say gets us all at one time or another, one way or another. No hard feelings here.

Hooray it all worked out. Peace, I’m leaving.

Best YYF yoyo is supernova IMO.

My favorite YYF throw is the rockstar.

Genesis and Avant Garde (1) are my favorites. I also enjoy the Supernova and the entire *star line.

avant garde and supernova