I’m looking to buy a cheap, high walled yoyo to work on my accuracy and yoyoing skills in general. As the title states, which of these two yoyos should I get?

Bonus question:
What’s the difference between the FH and FHZ? I’ve checked out their descriptions but am still unclear about their differences.

Feel free to suggest other yoyos that fit under my cheap + high walled criteria. :slight_smile:


Unless you get a silicone modded FHZ, get a One.

Duncan friction stickers wear out in days.


Superyo Renegade would be a better choice since there’s no friction stickers that need to be replaced

Also has a smaller gap that makes it harder to hit

Freehand Zero or FHZ for short is largely based on the Freehand One from the early 2000’s. It is more stable and has a higher wall than the Fhreehand or FH for short.

Additionally, I really would not recommend either to you this early in your yoyo career as they require a lot of maintenance and understanding of how to clean bearings and tend to pads to play well.

With that in mind I would highly recommend either a YYF One or Onestar. They are both modern yoyos that you pick up and play with and would greatly help you with your progress

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