counterweight yoyo


which counter weight yoyo is best


the one you like best.



A Duncan fhz is my favorite freehand yoyo, cause its durable, has a small bearing, and it’s fun to mod. It’s great once modded, but stock it really blows. It’s not worth buying if you don’t mod it. If you do decide to get one, send it out to a professional modded, and get it silicon recessed and satined. Otherwise, get a counter attack. If you do decide to get a fhz but don’t wanna pay like 40 bucks to get it modded, I’ll do it for free. Pm me of you really are looking into it.


Not to push two concepts but:
The FHZ stock I dislike.

I have a FHZ modified by xminusmikex and it rocks with silicone groove and schmoove rings. Brass spacers and stock bearing but cleaned. DEAD SMOOTH and unresponsive. For $30 with custom painting SHIPPED, you CANNNOT beat this deal.

For the DIY, the Terrapin X A+ Beefcake kit for FHZ’s rocks. It’s a fast swap out. Use the thinner aluminum spacers and put them dots out and you’re gold. I think like $12, he ships fast and it takes all of less than a minute.

But in all seriousness about 5A, any 1A you love works great, but you want stability for sure.


There is no best, everything will come down to what a certain person likes more.

That being said, my weapon of choice is a YYF 2009 SEVERE.


Best one? Light up FHZ

Because it lights up :slight_smile: