Review: Duncan Freehand Zero

Duncan Freehand Zero

The modern classic that almost everyone has used. It changed yoyoing and yoyos forever, and ushered in a new era of yoyo design and tricks.

Weight- 65.8g
Width- 38.7mm
Diameter- 57.15mm
Stock Response- Duncan friction stickers
Gap Width- 3.61mm
Bearing Size- “A” size small bearing

Look and Feel

The glitter makes this version of the FHZ look really cool while its spinning in the sun, but other than that its nothing special in terms of looks. The feel on the other hand is amazing. It sits in your hand so perfectly, and I can understand why it is so widely imitated.


Not much to say, other than its a good weight for an all plastic yoyo and feels great.

Response and Bearing

Im going to be perfectly honest, straight out of the package the FHZ isnt that great, its only when you start modding when it really shines. The night I got it, I recessed it. The recesses were too far from the bearing so I fixed it by pad recessing one side. I then filled both with flush red sili and now it plays unresponsive with nice tight binds. The A size bearing is really starting to grow on me. Now that im mainly throwing 5a I see why it is considered better than a large bearing for 5a. I can get tight binds at fairly low speeds, something ive never been able to do with a large bearing (using a large bearing yoyo for 5a).
-I will add pictures of the recess this weekend-


When properly recessed and with a cleaned bearing the FHZ is quickly becoming one of my favorite yoyos. It is so perfect for 5a, it does what you want and I dont have to throw it around as much as my Bully during 5a. In 1a its very good once recessed, much better than a PGM in my opinion. There is some vibe but I can only feel it pretty close to the spinning yoyo once I tuned it (you use the same method to tune a project). The caps are a nice touch that i really like, they add a nice feel that metal yoyos (except the pure) cant offer.

Final Thoughts

Once recessed the FHZ is an amazing playing yoyo, an incredibly versatile yoyo with more potential for mods than most any other yoyo. If there is one yoyo that everyone should have or try at some point, the FHZ is it.


I pad recessed it on both sides, satined it, and tuned it. Ive been playing it for a week or two and I must say I am very impressed with how well it plays when recessed. Its so much fun not having to worry about dings because you cant even see them on the plastic. I have mine tuned to almost no vibe or wobble and on a really good throw its almost as smooth as my bully (my bully is my smoothest yoyo, its beyond dead smooth).

Here is a pic of the recess-


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nice…love the pictures…I have 20 different color FHZ…haha

Great review! Super clean recess! I would pay for someone to PR my FHZ like that…

thanks man that means alot to me. the one on the right is better than the left.

i used a drill (clamped to a table) a sharpened screwdriver (i have a bench grinder and sharpen tools every day in the shop so that was easy for me to get a good straight edge), and used few blocks of wood clamped to the table to act as a tool rest.

just to note i used an old pad to make sure it fit but havent had a chance to use fresh pads so i have slightly recessed flowable in it now