Freehand Zero for 1A

I just have a random question. How good is the freehand zero for 1A?

Sure, it’s a lower-end plastic made for 5A, but every 5A yoyo can work for 1A and 3A as well.

it’s not as forgiving as a rim-weighted, post-modern, metal competition yo-yo. i guess i don’t understand the question “how good is it?”… it’s just as good as you are, if that makes sense.
danny severe could make it look like the best yo-yo ever made.


I love the FHZ’s for 1A… Awesome yoyo!
But there are a lot more modern yoyo that are probably better suited for 1A in most people’s opinions. But everyone has their own preference at the end of the day :wink:

You can add weight rings for more rim weight.
Source: hardware store, 3/16 in. thick o-rings.

^^^ There’s quite a few mods that can be done to them as well. Not to mention that ANY trick that’s on the official list can be done on one.

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Watching Danny is why I tracked down a Purple FHZ and threw some white caps on it. A stock FHZ is what made me appreciate even more just how smooth Danny was.

how good was it?

yeah, but that’s not even close to the same, as it raises the overall weight up above 70g. so either you’re sacrificing significant spin or significant speed compared with the models populating the models now. plus, where those rings actually sit inside the yo-yo, it’s still as much “hub weight” as anything else. regardless, you touched on one of the key elements that makes zeros so fun: modding! you used to NEED to mod your yo-yo’s in some way to make them play their best, but that’s become something of a lost art in these pampered days. i have like 12 zeros, and besides a couple stock ones, i don’t think any are set up the same!

personally, i play a zero DIFFERENTLY than i play a modern metal. my tricks are a bit shorter, and maybe a bit slower, but in general i like them as much or more on that medium. regardless of how you set it up, it’s still an awesome yo-yo, and you won’t have to look very hard to find people who can play the bejeezus out of it.

Ed…did you ever get to play Danny’s FHZ? I know his was stock, but do you know if he used both stickers in his?

Don’t have a scale, but they don’t feel that much heavier to me. Just my opinion. The rings I actually use came out of a FH2 (which used to come with them in another place and time…).

i played danny’s purple freehand a couple times. if memory serves, he would have 2 stickers, one down to the linen and the other in some state of tackiness. and he would alternate which one he replaced so the linen wouldn’t get gross and fall apart. that’s what i remember, but one of the ramen tour or chubby lovin guys would know better. it wasn’t an especially great playing fhz. but it was an extension of his body.


I want one, but man those friction stickers wear out in a few days.

I really should just buy a modded one sometime.

Maybe someone can chime in here on how to improve the FHZ, but I found that the yoyo literally shoots down the string when I throw causing a bit of pain in my finger, I’m not sure if that is due to the smaller bearing or if the friction pads have worn out.

I remember a couple ‘o’ years back on our UK forum we had a “Freehand Zero Contest” where people had to pull out the best combo they could on a stock FHZ. Andy Jones won if memory serves me correctly (which it probably doesn’t).

Either way it’s a cool idea, maybe someone should get it going on instagram or on here? #fhzthrowdown or some similarly bizarre hashtag. :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: also, here’s a small video of Danny with his Fhz:

Just for those who may not be aware of some of the discussion going on here. :slight_smile:

Yes, the pads are worn.