Free hand yoyos!

I’m looking into buying a freehand yoyo. What do you freehanders out there think about Duncan Freehand Zeros. Or Duncan’s new Freehand Metal Zero? OR should I go an entire new direction and get somthing else? Please leave me your input on the Zero, Metal Zero, or leave me with a new idea?

I have a Duncan Metal Zero Freehand waiting under the christmas tree for me, I cant wait to get my hands on it! If I were you I would definately get the Duncan Metal Zero Freehand. :slight_smile:

OMJ how? could you try and choose between a metal zero or a freehand zero?!?!?!?!?!?! the metal zero is so much beter it stings that you can think of anything else? (that means my anser is METAL ZERO!!!

To me, they play about the same. I’ve thrown a couple of Metal Zeros, but I’ve never bothered to buy one. I do have several FHZs, though. Why pay more than twice as much, if it plays the same? I have to wonder what mods were done to the one Tiki threw, that was that much better that a plastic FHZ.

Have Fun,

There were A LOT of mods on my friend’s metal zero, but i saw him do them (they were all really easy)

if you are looking for a good freehand yoyo try the dark magic or hitman, i use both

i have a freehand zero, (you can see it in my pic) just make sure you have gloves. its a little to responsive for me.

I like my Axiom. If you are looking for something a little cheaper, then a good yoyo in my opinion would be an X-Convivt, or cheaper would by a Legacy, or lynfury

Any 1a yoyo would work. Go with any smaller and long spinning yoyos, like a Lyn Fury, or an X-Convict.

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I personally use my yyj speeder for 5a. Havent tried it w/ my dark magic yet though.

the yoyo that i have is the mini motu and it is the best freehand yoyo i have ever used i highly suggest it :slight_smile:

The only reason that I don’t use my Dark Magic for 5A is because it is kind of heavy, but it still works really well.