Duncan Freehand zero for advanced play ???

How good is the freehand zero against metals ? Have been considering the G-Funk but as a student, the price is extravagant. I’m considering buying a bimetal or plastic so can someone recommend a plastic or a bimetal please ?? The budget is around the price of a dark magic

Or would i be better off with a metal ? I’m fairly advanced

Give people an idea of your preferences and what you have thrown to maximize help.

oh, dont really much preference :slight_smile:

Asking about a FHZ, then going DM2?

Get the DM2. Budget crunch? Legacy II

If you can bind, hey, Northstar or Prototstar. If you want to go cheap(but only in price), there’s a lot under $30 and even $20, including the stackless grind machine, PSG, Asteroid, Speed Maker, Kickside and Lyn Fury. The Chaser is really good too.

If you’re in DM2 dollars and want full metal, I am not a big fan of the dv888 but it’s fine, but the DiBase is way better in my opinion and that’s what I’d recommend. I haven’t tried the Shinwoo Zen series but most are around $45 and the company makes good stuff. I also hear good things about God Tricks yoyos, but I haven’t tried anything.

If you want low in priced metals and big on performance, a certain online auction site has a few dealers of Magic YoYo. The T5 is one of my favorites. I’ve never paid more than $30 yet for a Magic YoYo, but the new N10 and N11 might have me spending more.

just beacuse its metal doesnt mean its better :wink: id skip the fhzero and buy a yoyofactory north/protostar ($35) but if thats too expensive id get an adegle psg/asteroid ($15.99)