Duncan Metal Zero

I have been thinking about getting one of these. Are they any good?

keep spinning


I do not enjoy them. For that price you can get other good yoyos.(Dark Magic, and for 10 bucks more an M1!)

Yeah, pretty much any yoyoer you ask here does not like duncan for intermediate, advanced, and master tricks. They have decent looping yoyos, and beginer yoyos though. (they use friction stickers, which blow wind realy bad!) (personal preferance.) (i think their yoyos are ok but if your thinking of a metal zero, i think it is too expencive and with that money you can get a nice professional yoyo like the x convict.) (you can get it and do all the tricks on this site with it but it will most likely be harder, the dm or xvict are great choices, the person who does the learning video section on this site, (Andre) uses the dark magic in his videos.

keep yoing

yeah they arent good at all…to responsive, go for a hitman!

I beg to differ. The FHZ is an amazing yoyo and is one of my favorites. A modded zero can outplay a LOT of yoyos.

You can see a stock one used here…

As for the Metal Zero…
You’d be better off with a Bi-Metal.

Whoa At one point in that video, is he using 2 counterweights? that was pretty cool!