Dark Magic vs. Metal Zero

Anybody got something to say that will help me decide on which yoyo to get???
I really like the Dark Magic and the Metal Zero, but of course I can only afford one.
Which one is a better buy and which has better play? Thanks for the help!!

Usually I would say both are great yoyos, but here I would recommend the Dark Magic. The Metal Zero honestly isn’t too great of a yoyo without modding, plus it has friction stickers which are super responsive and wear out fast.

I have tried metal zeros and I thing they are terrible my friend’s was responsive and had really short spin times. and i haven’t heard anyone really say anything good about them. As for the dark magic It is great plays great has long spin times and the one i used was really smooth. I say go for the dark magic.

YYJ Dark Magic +1

Don’t think the Metal Zero is some horribly aweful yoyo though. It can be nice, and especially with modding.

Yep, gotta go with the Dark Magic on this one.

Or the Metal Zero, if your willing to do some modding.

great review! :stuck_out_tongue:

just kiddin! but yeah, it does need to be in the help/recomendation section of the forum. :wink:

Dark Magic is a good yoyo to go with

Metal zero’s are just gross :stuck_out_tongue:


i would go with the metal zero but just buy some duncan silicone stickers

only put in 1 and when it wears down it will be amazing

I’m going with Dark Magic. The Dark Magic has a good spin time, and its very nice.

DM if you want it unresponsive right out of the box, M0 if you want to mess around with it, and make it your own.

I like both, personally.

DM and that’s final end of story

the dark magic is one heck of a yoyo. plays like the pros. DEFINETLY dark magic. 8)

Is this even a question? Read reviews my friend the power of the search! Dm FTW!