is a Dark magic good yoyo for intermediate player?

is a Dark magic good yoyo for intermediate player?
I’m finding a good yoyo for intermediate player like me.
any suggestions?

i personally dont like the DM but many others do
its big and requires a bind
i would say the hitman because it come unresponsive and its a different shape

Yes, it is a very good intermediate Yo-Yo. Long sleep times, can be responsive/un-responsive, good weight, a little big, but no worries.

Perfect Yo-Yo for an intermediate-advanced player. :wink:

is a dark magic better than my skyline?

It is all preference.

You are comparing a $40 Yo-Yo, to a $100 Yo-Yo.

what! the dark magic is 100$??? i would never pay that much for any yoyo
mine is some paul kebel mexi dude

No the Skyline is worth 120 dollars.

I rounded it off. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I got mine for free.

Wow, some really kind people must have given you that, because it is a really valuable item.

No, Pheenix, he didn’t.

How would he get a Dark Magic if he doesn’t know what un-responsive is.

He can only do the U.F.O.

He actually got a Skyline. You can easily read that from his posts.

And he got the Skyline because someone gave it to him.

Don’t take this like I don’t believe you, but random, are you sure it’s a Skyline?

Back on topic, yes the Dark Magic is a good yoyo, great even. André even uses it as his main yoyo, so it definitely can’t be a bad one.
this exact one my friend gave it for free
someone said the trick was called gyro flop?

Well you’re lucky then!

I got a FHZ and a DM for free.

I just put in my wifes paypal email and a week later… I had them! ;D

Anyways, I took out one of the pads in the FHZ right away because it was way to responsive, even for a newb. I pretty much only used the DM for learning. It is just easier to do string tricks than any of the plastics I had…(I just got a PGM and that thing is pretty sick for a plastic, wish it was the first one I bought), but I like the DM better.

One negative with the DM is that it makes noise and vibes badly with the sidecaps in it. Always has…dont know if it is just mine, but an hour in, I took them out. Tried them again a couple of days ago and they still make the yo vibe terribly as well as “flap”.

Mine doesn’t vibe terribly.

Well mine did from the first throw, I took out the sidecaps and it was perfect. Maybe my caps are wonky? I dont really need them so I am fine without them.

I thought that since Andre used only one in the training vids, it was normal. /shrug

My mini-review:

The YoYoJam Signature Series Dark Magic is designed by yo-yo master Andre Boulay. The design of the actual yo-yo and the caps are beautiful. The yo-yo came unresponsive out of the box. The Dark Magic has a great feel, and when you first throw it, it feels awesome. Super long spin times for string tricks. The only down side to this yo-yo is that the metal dents easily if it hits the ground. Great yo-yo, 7/10.

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