What do you think about the Dark Magic yoyo?

I like string tricks, so I am thinking about geting the Dark Magic yoyo. So i want to know what other people think about it.

I love them,I am getting one soon.

I can’t wait to get mine.

Dude DM is the best all around plastic w/ metal rimmed period. Get one it is awsome

I have one and it’s great. It sleeps for a little more than a minute I think but I havn’t tried in a while. However, I’ve tried a DV888 and it’s amazingly smooth and I want to get one after I get a 4a yoyo. It is a great yoyo once you get into later intermediate tricks.

The Dark Magic is a very good yoyo. It has a wide gap for landing string tricks, has good sleep time, and has Hybrid Response. The yoyo is very good and at a reasonable price. (About $40) It is a good intermediate-advanced yoyo, but down the road, you might want to upgrade too. The Legacy is awesome too. Its about half the price. ($20) And it has just as long sleep times as the Dark Magic. Either one, they are both made by Andre and are sure to be great. Whatever you prefer. :wink:

Well,the sleep time will depend on your throw,I can make a Dark Magic sleep for about 3-4 minutes.

When you mean… make it sleep for 3-4 mins, do you mean throwing a string-snapping, string-burning, bearing-killer, fire-starting throw? Or a average throw like Andre? Lol. :smiley:

Andres throw is average?!?

Plenty of people can make yo-yos spin for more than 3-4 minutes. I don’t know if you’d consider the throw average or not, but it’s not weak.

Dark Magics are great, but I heard that all bi-metals vibs. I can tell you that my Dark Magic Vibes a bit.

BTW, is it okay to throw with just your thumb in the rim? I pinch the rim with my thumb on the inside and whip… very viby…

yeah andres throw is duh bomb! check out a trick on learn and check out his wicked throws!

I don’t understand what you mean.

My thumb is in the rim, and I just grab one side and throw, like a frizzbee. So my thumb is roughly straight, and my pointer is curled and on the outside.

Who is Andre!! :-[

a National Yo-yo master and the person who runs this site and is the person who has made the tutorials here.

He is a pro yo yo player who made the sites www.yoyoexpert.com and www.mastermagic.com. He also has how to vids on both sites and on www.expertvilage.com. He is married to Devon Boulay. Her madin name is Fredrick. He is also a member of team yoyojam and is the team captain. his signature series yoyos are the Darkmagic, legacy, and Darkmagic SE (special edition only 250 made). His signature tricks are the thumb grind and latter escape. As far as i know he is in collage at Massachusetts. He lives in Amherst, MA. Has judged many yo-yo contest including MA states year 05 to 08 and I’m not sure if he did this year because I don’t know if it has happened yet. And no I’m not and André Boulay stalker. He is just my idol.

OK and yes the Darkmagic is a great yo-yo. I have 2 of them and I have never had any vibe probs. I can get my DM SE to spin for 3 minutes 34 seconds on a good throw. Really I thank they are one of the best yo-yos you can buy. It is a heavy yo-yo but it is a great one at that. If you where going to get on, you should. It’s a great yoyo that every yo-yoest should have. Later.

Keep it spinning™

Thanks!! :smiley:

I really like it because It was my first part metal yoyo.

keep spinning