Looking for a heavier yoyo

How’s everyone?

So I just got into yoyoing again recently (last time I had yoyos was like 10 or more years ago) and just found this site (the learning vids are really great).
I bought a Yomega Saber Wing for some casual playing first to get some of the basics down and bought a Yomega Fireball this week.
Now I worked my way through the beginner tricks but it kinda feels like my yoyo is just too light and can’t “sleep” long enough for further tricks (having a hard time at trapeze right now).

I thought about getting a new and heavier yoyo this week for longer sleepers/string tricks but can’t decide which one I should get.
I read about the DM being a good start for string tricks, but I’d be grateful for further advice.

ps: Which yoyo did the guy in the tutorial videos use?

The guy with the blonde spiked hair, thats Andre Boulay. Administrator of the site. YoYoExpert. He uses a Dark Magic. I’d go with a Dark Magic for the string tricks. Get the new one, the YoYoExpert edition. Real nice. :wink:

Hello!  Welcome to YoYoExpert!

To answer your question, I personally really like the YoYoJam KickSide.  It’s got some decent weight compared to other yo-yo’s like it (66-67 grams).  It’s inexpensive, durable, and just plain awesome!  It’s superb for all kinds of tricks, and can easily be tuned to one’s preferences.  If it’s still too light, It takes Duncan weight rings that will bring it to about 74 grams.
You can find it here:

However, if you know how to bind, I recommend the YoYoJam Legacy.  It’s pretty much a plastic Dark Magic.  It’s a tad bit more than the Kickside and also a bit bigger, but it’s a really great player.  It’s got metal rings in it which makes it heavier, and gives it more rim-weight (Which increases spintime and stability).  It’s also very durable as well.

You can find that here:


I also suggest that you pick up some string and lube:


I hope this helps, and that everything works out! :slight_smile:

Great advice right there! Too bad the nearest shop doesn’t sell both of them :frowning:

Though they have several YoYoJam products in stock (like the X-ConVict,DM,Hit Man) or the HICCO Virus (which looks awesome imo). Which one of those will fit me the most? Are there many differences between those YoYoJam yoyos?

Hm… out of those, probably the Dark Magic.  It’s a full-sized yo-yo that’s on the heavier side.  It’s also very versatile.  Do you think you might be able to ask the shopkeeper if you can try each one?  If you can, then you can see which one you like better, and develop your personal preferences from there.

The main differences between them is size, shape, and response.

The Dark Magic is full-sized and heavier (70 grams).  It uses a Hybrid response system which is a combination of one o-ring side, and one starburst side.  Hybrid can be easily adjusted from responsive to unresponsive.  However, there is less response combinations that you can do.

The Hitman and X-ConVict are both very similar.  They are the same size (slightly under-sized) and have similar weight (HM=64 grams XCV=66 grams.) The main difference between them is the shape.  The Hitman has a more rounded shape, whereas the Vict has a more angled shape.  Also, unlike the Dark Magic, It has a Dual O-Ring response.  Dual O-ring generally has more response combinations, and is more consistent than hybrid.

You really can’t go wrong with any of them.  YoYoJam is a great company and makes very decent products!

Thanks for further elaboration iRon.

Seems like I’ll be ordering a DM soon. Too bad I can’t get the yoyoexpert version which looks pretty ace. :’(

Edit: What’s the difference between those response systems?

And is there a name for the trick where Andre does a kind of coin-toss motion to wind up the string?

Okay, Here ya go:

Hybrid:  Hybrid is a starburst/o-ring combo.  It’s a great response system for people less mod-savvy, or prefer to not do much to their yo-yo.  It can easily be set tug-responsive, but can also be set dead unresponsive with ease.  However, it is a tad inconsistent in my opinion, so it can vary on it’s responsiveness level.  Probably due to the fact that the starburst is a very aggressive response.  It also opens up suicide loops exceptionally well, and is pretty good for regens.

O-Ring:  Out of the box, it’s a tad more responsive and snaggy, but will wear in to be less and less responsive in a short amount of time.  This response is easier to mod, because it has two o-ring grooves instead of one.  There are many things you can do to this response, but the most people either shave the o-rings, or take them out and fill the grooves with silicone.  With this response, you always know what to expect from it, since it is semetrical.  You can also set this up to be responsive as well, but it’s a little harder than hybrid.

I think you’re talking about a snap-start.  Here’s the tutorial:

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iRon pretty much explained everything but just telling you Andre plays with a Dif-e-yo konkave bearing (i think) and if look at the yoyo caps vid he takes out 1 cap to enable him to do IRG

I actually think Andre Boulay does not put KonKave Bearings in his DMs.
There was a thread about it, I can’t find it right now (Yes I used the search button. :)) but he sais he uses the DMs stock with the gap all the way open. :wink:

Ahh… took me some time to find.

In the videos he used stock…