Metal yoyo

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I want to get a nw yoyo. My dark magic just isnt cutting it anymore. I was wanting to get an all metal yoyo for around $90. I am looking at the project two. If anyone thinks that i should or i should get a different yoyo then please tell me.

(TheBlackStar) #2

I love the P2 and it is a amazing yoyo. I think you should get it, but it really comes down to personal preference.

(Zer0) #3

so wats the prob with your dm? (im not saying you shouldnt get a metal yoyo i was just wonderin)


The P2 is a wonderful yoyos. However, I also highly recommend the BOSS by YoYoFactory.


Yeah, the Dark Magic is a great yoyo. It can do what basically any metal yoyo can. Don’t take this the wrong way though; if you want to get a metal, by all means go ahead. The Project 2 is a great yoyo, so if you think you might like it, then go for it.

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I love all metal yoyos. They just have a better feel. I think that my dark magic is a little too large. All of my friends think that i am crazy to get a $90 yoyo.

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You ARE crazy to get a yoyo for $90! But we ALL are! That’s a GOOD thing!

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I like going for fast string tricks. I can sleep it for about 3 min. but with the dark magic it seems like there is only 3 seconds on the string with gryo flop, and i am learning expert tricks, so i need a yoyo that can stay on the string for a long time.

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i just pressed notify, is that good if you want to know what is hapening?


You can hit notify, but you can also just click “show new replies to your posts” towards the top of the page. It’ll show all new replies to threads you’ve posted in.

You can get much longer sleepers, so just work on your throw. The gyro flops problem is probably because the strings are hitting the sides of the yoyo.

Also, please don’t double post. Thanks.

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Im on master tricks and my only yoyo is my dm

(JonasK) #12

Have you noticed that André (the tutorial guy) is using a Dark Magic in every single one of his videos?

Also, most metals are really good, so you just have to pick a yoyo you seem to like.

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My sister wants my DM now. She can handle my hot shot, but wants to do whips. Lets only focus on the metals from now on.

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i would honestly go bully, thats wat i did. i went from my dm to my bully and dont regret it one bit. they have similar shapes so it doesnt feel too different in your hand, but on the string its a whole new beast… in a good way :wink: but just go with watever makes you happy

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(Shisaki) #17

You can do a whip with any yoyo…also like most people said the DM is fine but I bought a metal when I was in advanced 1 :P. I recommend the Project 2 or Boss

(Jesse) #18

I have two metals right now, an M1 and a Nimbus, and I still want to get an Atmosphere. You don’t NEED metal, like everybody else said, and, in my opinion, the Atmosphere plays just like a metal.


project 2 would also be good. i’ve never tried one but it also has a similar profile to the dm… then again, u could go onto something compleately different, an envy mayby?