Dark magic 2?

I have a 75 dollar budget and am looking for a yoyo besides yoyo factory. I am an advanced player and really need to know if dark magic two is a good choice? I only wanna spend about 50, but 75 is my top dollar. Please post suggestions and help!

Dark Magic 2 is not a good choice. Go for a C3 Capless

Basically any metal or bimetal (metal & plastic) yoyo is great for most tricks. After a certain point it’s mostly just preference; go for what looks cool if you don’t know what you want.

Di base!!!

Yoyofoot nailed it. Just buy whatever looks coolest to you. There are gobs and gobs of killer throws in your price range. Just pick one, or two, and throw til your heart’s content.

Thanks a lot guys. Any names of good yoyos under 60$ though?

I know you said you would prefer no YoYoFactory, but hear me out-

Seriously consider getting one of these-

  1. YYF Severe (This thing is insane, all performance despite being derlin, best plastic ever made in my opinion).
  2. YYF ProtoStar (Time tested, probably one of the most purchased and widely used plastic competition yoyo of all time).
  3. YYJ Trigger (YoYoJam’s derlin offering, also plays pretty good).

They’re all plastic but all can outperform most metals as well. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed with either of them. I love all 3!

I just got a trigger that’s why I’d prefer metal, and I have all yoyo factory except my oktave 3 and trigger.

really? i hated the trigger.

(which goes to show you that it’s all based on preference) :stuck_out_tongue:

That is so totally opinionated, I’m falling off my chair.

Absolutely nothing wrong with a DM2. One of my absolute favorites.

Other items worthy of consideration include the C3 Capless and the werrd Hour. However, I no longer buy Werrd products so I can’t say how this plays. I do hear good things. Also don’t ignore the sOMEThING Firmy or V.

Don’t feel you need to spend it all. In the $50 or so price range. The C3 DiBase is also excellent, many of the God Tricks stuff(including the Cyclone, Destiny and Bounty Hunter).

Also, while not a model I am interested in, I can’t imagine the new delrin Severe not being awesome.

Don’t ignore the Duncan Raptor, but it may need a bearing cleaning.

There are other YYJ metal/plastic yoyos to consider as well. Other favorites of mine in your price rangeis XCon Pro, Hitman Pro and Speeder 2. The Phenomizm is worth considering but just above your budget.

DM2’s lose there value pretty easily based on my experience. So if your price point is $60 or less, then go with the Di Base. Or if your patient, look for a onedrop yoyo designs Burnside. Ive seen them go for as low as $40 on the BST on this forum. But if your looking to purchase a brand new yoyo, go for the C3 yoyo designs Di Base. They are $55 on yoyoexpert. Both are easy to like metals.

I think this is taking things in a wrong direction. You’re advising purchase based on what it can go for on BST. Not that I’m arguing.

However, I feel in this case, a new purchase is in order. If he wants a DM2, let him get a DM2. Better or worse, it’s all preferences. However, I think we can all agree that for horizontal play, the shape of the DM2 is not that good for that style of play.

I’ve had my dark magic II for over a year. Learned literally everything I know on it. Just got a C3 Token… blew it away. To me, there are better yoyo’s for the price. I did love my dark magic II, but now I’m just sorta tired of it I guess. Still like it a lot more than a bunch of other throws I’ve tried, but eh, the Token is amaazzzinnnnggg.

Get this:



Or, if you want something a little cheaper:


Thanks for the help! I’m new to these forums so its pretty cool to be in contact with so many other yoyoers.
I think I might end up getting a di base or dm2.

Check out the shop section for Recreational Revolution!!! That is exactly what you want!!!

I already have a Rec rev oktave 3.

Do base amazing, get one! Dm2 is also good just do eny meny minē mo::slight_smile: did I spell it right :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s DiBase. Not “Do base”.

My only thing against the DiBase is that if you’re not into that size or shape, then that would be your only issues against it. I got one at CalStates. It was a model I wanted. I sure am glad I got it. So inexpensive and so amazing.