So I want a serious YoYo.... and I got $60

I currently own A dented to heck Yomega Maverick, a Yomega Yomods Black, and 2 chinese YoYos.

I think I am willing to put some money in, about 60 with shipping, and it’s got to be new.

I hear great things about thr Dark Magic 2, but will it really be better than my Maverick?
I am open to suggestions also on which YoYo to get.

I also want to use a shinwoo light kit in the DM2 if I get it. They are out of the ghost editions, so what will be the next best thing? The vortex? On the other hand, will that matter at all, as all the side caps look like they are clear with graphics, and the bodies are just tinted. My favorite right now is the Toxic Frog, but how will the light look coming through it.

Last question, I swear, can I make a custom clear cap for it? Or any yoyo for that matter? What would I use?

The answers you’re going to receive will probably center around YoyoFactory throws, namely the Shutter, Too Hot and Horizon. all 3 of these are great, I prefer the Too Hot it’s $45 and one heck of an awesome yoyo.

Edit: I also really like the cyborg 2, but with shipping that’s gonna run ~$70

I would say that if you know how to bind, get a yyf shutter, yyf too hot, or a something premiere.

if you dont know how to bind quite yet, i would actually get a yyj classic and a size c bearing and pads

you cant make a cap for every yoyo, but if you have the proper tools (idk what they are lol) you can make a pair for yoyos that accept side caps like the DM2. :slight_smile:

I highly recommend the Benchmark V 2014 from OneDrop. The NQP YoyoExpert Splash should fit your budget. Although imperfect, the splash has absolutely no effect on play. I think those marks on the splash make the yoyo look even cooler!

You’ve got to get a Hatchet 2. You will not regret it.


Ignore YYF. You can not beat the Echo 2 for the price. $25.

I spent $35 on mine and got a dead smooth 6061 aluminum yoyo with three color anodizing, beautiful art and a Dif-Licensed KK bearing. I spent $45 on my standard Shutter and the axle was poking through the side in a week.

It almost actually scares me, how good that yoyo is for such a small amount of money.

YYF CzechPoint

IF you don’t know how to bind yet, go for a YYJ Classic

Hmmm. Echo 2 is a great price…

All of them look good actually. I can’t really go wrong. Could someone talk about The DM2? Up until now, everyone was saying to get that, as it’s the best.

I mean really I think you are talking about 2005. Don’t get me wrong but dm2 is high walled you can get one for personal reasons but it won’t Compare with today’s high performance yoyos but if you want responsive yoyo go for it.

Your maverick plays just as good as the Dm2 if not better. It’s a very outdated throw compared to the current options available. Currently if I had $60 to spend I’d be buying this:

Take a look at it the shape of the 2

You can see how much bulkier the dark magic 2 is compared to the butcher even though they’re pretty close to each other in weight and size. Having a lot of the weight on the rims for the dm2 does give it some good sleep times but those high walls are gonna rub against your string and reduce the spin time of your throw. If you’re set on a yoyojam take a look at the Revival:

You can see it still has the plastic body with metal rims but instead follows the more modern design of the butcher.

I’ll agree that the benchmarks would maybe be a good purchase as well since they can be easily fixed if you strip the yoyo. I personally have never stripped a yoyo but it seems to happen occasionally with beginners these days so it can help keep you from worrying.

Really though I say just get whatever you think looks best. I just wanted to point some things out that you may not have considered yet.

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I would get the SHU-TA if you had the money. I love mine! Also try looking on the BST you can get some really good deals on there.