what is my next yoyo?


3 months ago i started yoyoing again and started with the sage from yoyo tricks then about a month later i needed an upgrade and bought a dark magic 2 and the unresponsive bearings came real easy to me and i was picking up tricks real fast and now im getting into deeper waters and slowing down i feel like i need an upgrade but im extremly lost on what to buy i have around 100$ to spend but there are so many options im looking for a full metal yoyo too


I know it’s not received an official release yet (it will soon i believe) but im loving my yoyofactory cypher


Well with 100 dollars you have a lot of options. You should probably just go with what looks cool to you! but here are some general good yoyos.
YoYoFactory make some really good yoyos for a good price, you cant go wrong with a Genesis or Supernova and of course the shutter is in the talks again with gentry winning worlds with it, all those 3 are amazing! I tried a czech mate at worlds and it plays amazing too!
The benchmark series by One Drop is really good aswell. The Duncan Barracuda is amazing aswell but its 110 dollars, but worth any penny.
Right now i m obsessed with my Werrd Eighty Six 400. I didnt think i would love it as much but its just amazing so you could have a look at that too.

Yeah so my recommendation is just to look at the yoyos and pick the one that looks appealing to you, there is no way to tell your preferences yet and any high end full metal yoyo will feel better for you than a DM2


Yoyofactory Shu-Ta or Horizon are definitely worth checking out. They may be cheap but they certainly don’t feel like it. Other throws I’d consider are the 1st Gen Octave, 86400, benchmark h and level 6.


There are a few that I have in mind
Oxygene io
yyf Supernova, superstar, genesis, shutter, SHU-TA, Horizon,
One Drop Benchmark, Gradient, Dang,
The list goes on


Werrd 86400 is my personal sub $100 favorite though there’s a lot that’s good.


Look for an Amplitude on the B/S/T or see if there’s any lingering in shops. Such a great yoyo.


Is that the mystery yoyo in the worlds pack?