New Yoyo

Hey everyone, I’m looking to purchase a new throw. Which ones do you guys recommend. I’m coming from a dark magic. I’m looking for another really good yoyo. Thanks

Are you looking for unresponsive? What is your price range?

Yes unresponsive. Price rang isnt really a problem, just throw them at me.

Also, What do you guys think about ceramic bearing? Yay? Nay? What’s yall favorite bearings?

These are pretty good.


What, yoyo factory?

I assume you’re looking for an all-metal, and if you don’t care much for grinds, the yyf superstar is great for the price, considering their current deal. for $80.00 you get a superstar and a protostar. These are both outstanding performers, that’s what I would get if I were you.

Wow. Is that yoyo really worth 80$? What makes it so nasty? You’re saying I’m getting 2 yoyo in one?

No, every brand on the page. All I did was link you to the storefront, as you’ve given us nothing to base our recommendations on. Every yoyo on that page will do you fine. Have fun!

noise gave a good recommendation.I was basically asking what are your favorite yoyos. I think goo could’ve been a little more specific but it’s w.e thank u moise. You got my +1

Yoyofactory shutter is more than good enough for what you need. It’s a huge step up from the dark magic and betterr than yoyos double it’s price. Ceramic bearings are a waste of money though in my opinion. The amount of money spent on one versus the increase in performance isn’t worth it.

If you wanted to go crazy though there’s the yoyorecreation draupnir and turning point palpitation which are probly the best performing yoyos period but I think it’d be best to get a shutter first since you’re going to be beating it up a lot.

The shutter is a great throw for the price point. I also love my cypher and my DMII. OneDrop CafeRacer is an awesome pocket throw.

As someone mentioned, these recommendations are hard to make without any indication of anything you like.


As Mikers said, nowadays pretty much any unresponsive metal will play sufficiently for your needs, so really it’s just a case of seeing which one you like look of the best or who’s stats match up to what you feel you’d want. If you list some qualities you like in a yoyo (weight, size, speed, shape) then we might be able to narrow it down.

Yoyofficer and Yoyofactory do some great budget metals around the $50 and under mark, and at around $70-$100 you can pick up one of the newest Onedrop’s, which are very well made and play brilliantly. Personally I feel that Onedrop gives you some of the biggest bang for your buck, but that’s just me.

I think rather than ask us what yoyos we like (since we could all be here forever making different recommendations), my advice would be to search through what’s in stock and knock up a shortlist of ones you like the look of, then ask for more individual information/opinions from us on those yoyos in particular. :slight_smile:

The Shutter and the Cypher are great choices, but, you could also look at the YYO Musket and the C3 Level 6 and do not forget, the Duncan Torque. So many choices.

thanks, and by the way, you could use the protostar for learning tricks or beating up while you keep your superstar all nice and shiny.

Thank you so much for your help. I just ordered a superstar and a ten wheel bearing.

I believe price wasnt a problem. So just get a Draupnir or a Palpitation.

I dont think im going to be able to just look at the superstar. im going to have to use that baby haha. I just ordered it. I cant wait to check it out. Do you have one?

I have four, three of the old version with hubstacks, one of the new. which did you order? the old one doesnt come with a protostar.