New yoyo?

Right now I have the speed maker by yoyojam, I’m thinking about maybe buying the yoyo factory one, would you recommend this? It comes with two bearings one that is responsive and one that’s unresponsive. Share you’re thoughts with me please :slight_smile:

No, if you want to upgrade, get a Legacy II.

I wouldn’t recommend the One(1st ed.) If you really want an upgrade at a great value I’d recommend either the Legacy II or Dark Magic II from Yoyojam. If you are interested in trying a different brand such as Yoyofactory I’d recommend the Protostar or Starlite. Both are very similar with different weights. For an even cheaper throw, I’d say go with a YYF Whip. It’s a steal at $10 and a great beater/carry-around yoyo even though it’s a tad lite. Any of these options would not be dissapointing for the price. It’s all about what shape/size/weight and look you prefer. Good luck choosing!

im looking for a responsive throw, i just said one because it came with two bearings for both type of plays.

If you are looking for a responsive throw, I would recommend the YoyoJam Prelude. It includes a thin bearing for responsive play, and similar to the One, can be switched to a C-sized bearing for unresponsive play.
On a smaller note, if you have a larger budget, you might want to try the YoyoJam Dark Magic or Revolution though. The wide metal rims would help when you move on to the unresponsive tricks.

Cool to see someone else suggest the Prelude. It is one of my favorites, and it’s my daily carry around. Never seems to get enough love on these boards. :slight_smile:

I bought mine new from a local store and it appears to have a full sized C bearing in it (lucky me). Maybe that’s why I like it so much. With the full sized bearing it can handle intermediate tricks and still comes back with a tug. Great for learning binds. It is a bit light, but I think it is an awesome throw for $14.

If you want to push yourself, but are still in that kind of budget range, I recommend going for a YYF Protostar, or YYJ Chaser, both plastic, relatively inexpensive, and unresponsive… If you need extra response to get you started and used to binding, you can wrap the string an extra time or two around the bearing (I usually drop a green triangle into the gap when I want to play responsive or let someone try my yoyo) - its not really necessary to buy something with two bearings for the purpose of response

if youre interested, any of the yoyojam metal/ plastic hybrids will work excellently for you as well, but the only one I can really comment on is the DM1 and to a lesser extent the new breed