Good responsive yoyos?

I am an intermediate and I am looking for a good responsive yoyo. Any ideas

What is your budget, and what shape do you prefer (sharp/wing, rounded, etc.)?

30-35 pounds. Butterfly shape for string tricks

Given your budget, and the fact that this might possibly be your first “serious” yoyo, I would recommend that you get a Dark Magic II ( It has a comfortable shape, and can be made both responsive and unresponsive, so it can last you till your first metal yoyo.

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I’m going to second that.

The Dark Magic II ships with 2 bearings. The thin bearing is installed at the factory. As the gap is narrower, it will play responsive. When you improve and are ready to learn to bind, you can easily change for the full width YoYoJam Speed Bearing(which is a C-sized bearing). This lets the yoyo grow with you without the additional cost of buying another yoyo. This saves you money for things like bulk strings.

Ok I’ll note that down. Any other good responsive yoyos

Also, the Legacy 2 has 2 bearings and cheaper than the DM2. I don’t really know about pound currency, but you might want to get a Protostar/Northstar/Grind Machine and put in some thick lube to make it unresponsive. And the Grind Machine has a version with no hubstacks (things that are on the side of the yoyo and let you grab the yoyo when it’s spinning) thats called the Stackless Grind Machine which is a steal for $12. Happy yoyoing!

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Right now I have a yomega dash but i don’t like it that much because it sometimes goes very responsive and sometimes it goes unresponsive

  1. i have two. one is the yyf one (with extra c bearing). like the dm2, it is default responsive but can be unresponsive once you are ready (cost $10) the second one is the yomega ooch yo. it uses yomega rubber response, which i think is the best, longest lasting, highest quality, responsive play system ( costs about $25) hope i helped!

The Duncan Pro Z can be a good responsive yoyo. I personally love it. It’s tug responsive but still can do almost all my tricks on it. And it’s CHEAP(price wise)

Wow… I thought he meant 30 - 35 pound weighted yoyo. Then I saw where he was from. Lol. I then realized it was money. but yeah I would go for the dm2 for something in that price range. But there are a lot cheaper yoyos that are good responsive. To many to name all of them. You can also make any yoyo responsive with extra twists around bearing, thicker responses, or even thicker string.

Same…then I saw the Italy location. 35 pounds would be pretty hefty to throw :slight_smile:

I also recommend that Dark Magic. It feels great responsive and once you get better or want to play unresponsive swap out the bearing. It’s a very great ‘all arounder’ yo that is excellent for serious beginners and experts!

Chaser’s also another great one though it’s a bit narrower. It also comes with a slim and speed bearing (as they’re marketed as).