Help a beginner pick a yoyo!

Hello i’m need some help :slight_smile: I had a little kids yoyo some years ago and i really liked playing with it. So i’m want to try agian but with a new yoyo that i can learn with but also use when i’m good. Also would like if it looked cool! Also small so i could carry it with me :)!

Also i’m was thinking about those small round yoyo’s. are thoose only for kids or can you get good ones?

Sorry if this have been asked alot of times before and my english is bad but thanks for the help! I really appreciate it :)!

price range?

lyn fury- $15-20

dark magic 2 $40

If I were you go with a yomega maverick gives you a good start then you can branch off from there

yoyofactory velocity does unresponsive and responsive for 20 bucks. If I were you, I’d get it.

Dark magic 2 all the way. It is a bit pricy, but it comes with a smaller bearing for responsive play, and a larger on of unresponsive play. I have had on since my beginning days and it is still one of my top throws. Hope this helps.

I’d say get a Ann Connolly whip

When you say circle do you mean imperial or butterfly? They’re all circular :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a lot to choose from. Budget is your one of your limiting factors.

If you can bind, more options open up.

Suggestion 1: YYJ Classic. $10, responsive. Add a wider bearing: unresponsive. Siliconing or using YYJ Silicone O-Ring pads optional but recommended for unresponsive play. Yes, price adds up a bit. Why this over a YYF ONE with 2 bearings? Better weight and larger size.

Suggestion 2: Legacy II. Under $25, includes both bearings. Swap to go from responsive to unresponsive. Good weight and size. Full plastic. Another option is the Chaser for under $30, but different shape and rather heavy.

Suggestion 3: DM2. Highly recommended but this is around $44 these days. Metal rims, plastic body. 2 bearings for responsive and unresponsive play. Remove the caps for IRG’s. Adaptable, configurable, proven. This is what I would recommend. I still find myself going to mine. This is one of those yoyos that can take you from nothing to amazing if you let it and you work at it. Great to start with, can go with you into competition. For string-trick yoyos, it’s a jack of all trades, doing 1A, 3A and 5A with ease.

However, if you can bind, many more choices open up, including the Lyn Fury(silicone it), Asteroid, PSG, Protostar or Northstar(both are great) and many, MANY more.

One person recommended the Ann Connolly Whip. I have this, as I have all the others I have mentioned. Big NO on this one. The price is amazing, but it’s too darn light. I actually recommend this for at least intermediate players and advanced players looking for a challenge. It’s better than the regular WHIP by far due to the CenterTrac bearing, but overall, it’s light. The heavier yoyos will spin longer. Get good with something else, then use the WHIP as a trainer to see how well you really have things, especially if you’re worried about spin time. Normally, the WHIP(either flavor) has more than adequate spin time to get you through anything and everything.

So, think budget and features. There is more to the equation than dollars/money. I have many very expensive yoyos, yet, the DM2 is still constantly played with. Go figure. I will admit to logging heavy hours these days on my Anglam and Code 2 with disc side effects.