First Serious YoYo (NOT DM2)


Title says all my budget is under $50 and am pretty intermediate would prefer a YoYo like the DM2 that can switch from responsive to unresponsive and is just as good as the DM2


Not too many yoyos switch from responsive to unresponsive. If you really need that in your yoyo then your choices are limited.


Well then what should i get and yoyos you recommend responsive or unresponsive?


If you want a fully unresponsive metal yoyo for under $50, I’d personally go to Yoyofficer. They have some of the best budget metals around.


And what about responsive?

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People often over look an easy way to make a yoyo responsive, just add lube to the bearing. Therefore, if you want a yoyo that you can swap bearings with for responsiveness, buy an extra bearing and lube one up. Best of both worlds and you can own the yoyo you want.


My favorite responsive yoyo still stands as the yoyojam classic. It’s exactly what I look for in a responsive throw. The next step would be a fixed axle throw which can be a lot of fun to play with.


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