75$ Un-Responsive Yo-Yo (Merged Topics)

Hello everyone,
I posted an old topic which was about the yoyos for about 50$.If you want to check,click here: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,85097.0.html

I have a bit more money now.So I want your opinions and best-to-buy unresponsive yoyos for about 75$ down here,in this post!
It doesn’t have to be exactly 75 bucks but up or down,pretty close to that would be good.
Every help is appreciated,do not forget to write answers! :wink:

I don’t have one, but the CzechPoint is supposed to be very good, and at $45, you could get a second yoyo, spend the money on something else, or get some bearings, string, whatever you need.

I was thinking maybe the Shu-Ta? seems like it could be good maybe even have cash left over… haha hope this helps!!

Yoyofactory Cyborg 2.0 no question. The best.

Or Yoyofactory 2hot and you have left money with both purchases.

Or Rebellion Butcher.

What qualities in a yoyo do you like? There are a wide variety of yoyos out there…heavy, light, large, small… I’ve been enjoying my One Drop Y-Factor. It’s one of my fastest yoyos, and a non splash version I believe is around that price.

You could almost get a triad  ;D

That said the throws I’d be looking at in that price range are:


Alright.So,I used Angle by sOMEThING which was my friend’s yoyo.I really liked the feel of it.The weight,the size,the feel in the material (it was covered with a green color that didn’t feel straight up aluminium) and also I really liked its shape.I do not want to buy Angle though.I guess it is responsive because I played it for about 1 day and it straight up came to my hand with a thug so I couldn’t do whips and so.AND of course,I don’t have the money :smiley:
Please suggest some more yoyos including what I said now.Really,every comment and opinion helps me so make sure to write some answers! :smiley:

Hello everyone,
I am looking for an unresponsive yoyo for about 75$.It doesn’t need to be exactly 75 bucks but it would be good if you give me your best-to-buy yoyo opinions for around the amount I want.
You can also recommend me your most loved and best performing yoyos.
I generally like V and W shapes,a nice feel for the yoyo’s finishing,a good and decent weight (heavier but not that much) and also a good weight distribution.
Please write me back,every help and opinion is REALLY appreciated.
Have a good day :wink:

You would LOVE the Tropic Spins Finch based on your specifications. I Can’t link to their store because the Finch is not on YYE but you could just google it.

Werrd 86400

Are you looking to buy new from a store, or are you willing to use the b/s/t? You could probably find a good CLYW or OD on the b/s/t for 75 if you look hard enough. If you only want to buy brand-new, I’d suggest one of the OD 2014 Benchmarks. They’re all pretty good.

If the angle was responsive something was wrong because mine was completely unresponsive. From the sounds of it though you like midsize throws.

Give the minute a look:

Angle’s are unresponsive…

My recommendations would be yyf too hot, od gradient, od benchmark. Really great throws for great prices. If you buy used, you can find a lot for that price.