What would be your choice for $50-$150?


Hello guys,

I haven’t been yoyoing for more than 12 years. :slight_smile: It’s been a very long time. I got married, I had a child :slight_smile: And nowadays, I miss throwing a yoyo again. I still keep my old yoyos somewhere but I want to purchase something and remember and improve my old skills again.

So It’s been years and I still recognise many brands but it’s been so long and I don’t know what yoyos are the favorites nowadays. NightMoves and FH1 were great yoyos when I was yoyoing. And some Yoyo Factory metal yoyos.

Anyway, I’d be happy if you could recommend some yoyos with the price range of 50-150.

I don’t want to spend more than this, but you can divide this amount into 2 yoyos. Or if something very good, you can just recommend 1 yoyo.

I think I’l prefer an unresponsive yoyo but as I said, if you divide this amount in 2 yoyos, 1 of the yoyos can be more responsive than the other just to remember tricks.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


go on bst and order a bunch of yoyo’s that you think will play good i even heard about a guy getting a 85 dollar draupnir

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It might be a good idea to pick up a couple of Onedrop’s Benchmark series, just to test out modern iterations of shapes


The horizon is considered to be a great yoyo by many, as well as the shutter (both of which are made by yyf). If you are just getting back into the yoyo world, I would go with one of those then build up from there if you decided you really still like the hobby. There are so many choices these days. Anything you buy from here will be top notch for the price, but if you have any questions let us know! :slight_smile:

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I also might recommend geting a couple or even a few of the One Drop Benchmark series shapes and go from there once you know what shapes your hand likes the best.


Hey guys, thank you for answers. I’m still trying to decide what to get. But I think the YYF Shutter may be a good choice for an unresponsive one. I was also thinking about YYF Nightmare but I think Shutter may be a better choice. I also liked the Horizon but it seems a little bigger than Shutter. I think which ever I get I’ll be happy with it.

If there is no more advice, I’ll take the plunge :slight_smile:


Yeah I think you’ll definitely enjoy the shutter. It’s a great yoyo.


I would like to add something responsive too. What would you suggest? (Something like Freehand of old times or Eclipse)


I personally like the yyf whip; however, most people will recommend the replay or the first base. I have not tried either of them, therefore these are based upon what I see recommended most often.


For unresponsive, get the shutter or the AL dream,or for responsive get the Duncan FHZ (similar to FH) Make sure to get some string too, I reccomend kitty string.


If you are going to get kitty string, I would recommend nylon 1.5. It seems to last a bit longer than the others I’ve tried.


Thank you guys! I got the Shutter Green W/ Black and Gray SPLASH - Hunter Edition and Recess First Base Translucent Red :slight_smile:


Good choices, no doubt! Enjoy!


Nice! :slight_smile:


I own both of those yo-yos and they are awesome!


I second that - try to find the shape of yo-yo you like, and then select a yo-yo. Below, I have made a list of the different shapes in modern yo-yo and their corresponding playstyle.
V: V shaped yo-yos tend to be very competition oriented. Most fast players use these yo-yos. These are for a very competitive style.*1
H: H shaped yo-yos are also great for players with a competitive playstyle in mind. They tend to be more focused on tech (Technically difficult tricks).
O: O shaped yo-yos are very much about fun. They are comfortable in the hand, and tend to play very floaty (light and effortless). They do not spin as long or go as fast as V shaped yo-yos.
W: As far as I know, a merge between H and O shaped yo-yos.


Thank you. I already ordered 2 yoyos but I’ll keep in mind the information about the yoyo shapes you gave.

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Compass yoyo I highly recommend or you could get two awsome yoyos the horizon and shutter ,how do I know? I have them all if you get either of them spend the rest of the money on lube ,kitty string ,I’d get a yotricks .Com yoyo holder but that’s not needed I still love it.if you get the horizon and shutter you could get a skyva yoyo or sage yoyo (sage exclusive at yotricks .com)

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BTW the sage is responsive and you just ordered 2 yoyos but keep these things in mind


Kenshin is fantastic, stable, fast, light. Coldfire is also great and very comfortable. Both are sengoku and my fav throws.