What Un-Responsive Yoyo Should I Get For About 50$ ?

Hello Everyone,
I am thinking of changing my current yoyo.I am into learning and doing advanced tricks so I want an un-responsive yoyo.I want to change my current yoyo because of balance issues.So please recommend me yoyos that have great balance.I also want it to be speedy.So I mean recommend me yoyos that are good overall.I have a price range for about 50$,at most 60$.Dark Magic 2 looks like a choice to me but I also want your recommendations.
Thanks for any help,I appreciate it.


Take a look at my topic post about $50 range yoyo recommendations. I’m not sure if any of these fit your style, but they are the best that people suggested to me

Dark Magic 2 is a good yoyo, but if cost matters and you really have to make this purchase count, there are probably other choices you’ll be happier with, especially if you’re already doing advanced tricks. My favorite yoyo in that price range is the Too HOT from YoYoFactory. It’s a real performer for $45.


Too Hot IMHO is a better buy than the shutter.

The Yeti is supposed to be $45 from what I understand and should release soon. If you can wait, may be a good idea… the Yeti is a great throw, love mine.

Dark Magic 2 is definitely not speedy and has a pretty outdated highwall shape. As others have said the shutter or too hot are a much better option.

Other options are:


If you want plastic check these out:


I’d take a too hot or a shutter over a yeti any day IMHO

Any of the above are very good. YoyOfficer makes good throws, but if you want my personal preference, I would go with the Horizon for long spinning stability, Too HOT for all around goodness, and CzechPoint for awesomeness

Whimsy roar is excellent for the price.

Yoyofactory Cyborg 2.0 beast throw it’s so speedy believe me your love it little over you budget.


Yoyofactory 2hot.

Rebellion butcher.

After reading your suggestions,I have narrowed it down to these:
-YYF Czech-Point
-YYF Czech-Mate
-Whimsy Roar
-YYF Cyborg 2.0
Which one would you recommend and why?
Thanks for the answers!

I just got my Orbis in a trade and I can say confidently that you will not be disappointed.

Not a Czech mate its pretty bland Comparatively to others.

If your budget allows get the Yoyofactory cyborg 2.0 very smooth most impressive. And speedy solid it’s just great.

2nd you will get the bang for your In Yoyofactory 2hot once again it’s just really good.

After that whimsy roar and Yoyofactory Czech point respectively.

Buy any of these you will not be disappointed.

Get the one you like the colors like Yoyofactory Cyborg 2.0 is available in our silver and black I love silver but everyone has their preference.

All these are good.

Edit: even all the yoyo officers will be good.

Just get the shape you want.

Of what you listed I’d choose between the too hot and cyborg 2.0.

Considering the price of the cyborg I would start considering these as well:

OD Rally, OD Benchmark Series, YYF Shutter, YYF Horizon, YYF Too Hot, Duncan Torque, YYO Lava, and C3 Level 6 are all fantastic choices.

Yoyofactory also recently released the Replay Pro which is a plastic for only $15 and in my opinion the best yoyo in that price range. You could pickup about any of the choices I mentioned above and the Replay Pro for $60, to have a good metal and plastic.

YYF CzechPoint is very good, a little better than the CZM8

Thanks for the advices.I guess I will have a bit more money.So,what are your best recommendations for about 80-90$ mark?

I recommended YYO yoyos because they are not only inexpensive, but also reaallly good throws

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