Best 50$ and under unresponsive full sized yoyo?

Im looking for a nice yoyo around 50$ or under. Unresponsive, full sized, good for grinds, and as long spinning as possible. The price can vary but nothing above 75$. preferable under 50$. Thanks for any suggestions. Looking for the best bang for the buck. :slight_smile:

Shutter is everything you say.

OD Rally

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You cannot go wrong with either option already suggested, that’s for sure. Both great. If you’re really willing to go above $50, at $55 the Yeti is a lot of fun and grinds longer than the Rally (IMO). The YYJ Theory at $62 is also very fun, grinds well for a polished throw and has side caps for finger spins (though they are kind of picky).

Probably the Rally is what you need though. It’s true.

Shutter, CZM8, Rally. All three are amazingly good yoyos that fit everything your looking for. If your willing to sacrifice grinding though the C3 Level 6 would be your best bet.

I’m not a big fan of plastic yoyos. Prefer all metal. Are these all the intermediate throws with these attributes? I like them floaty as well. Here are some others that I thought were options. Opinions?
Yoyoofficer aura and imp
God tricks destiny
Shinwoo zen series
C3 halo


Bump it up to 60? Grab a benchmark O.

The Destiny was kind of “meh” to me.

How so? It seemed to have very positive reviews.

Well… The level 6 looks promising. I can’t imagine it being good for grinds. As all C3s just can’t, but if you really want a good grinder, but sacrifice full sized, but go mid-sized, the Hitman X is insanely good.

Why not Capital’s Serum? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I think this thread belongs to the recommendation section

That’s what made me buy it. But in real life the play was rather boring, and the spin times and stability were about average. The grind surface was just okay and there was a bit of vibe. I traded mine.

Definitely the level 6. For me it is better than strix, echo 2, shutter, yeti, and rally. I own all of them btw.

The Destiny plays ‘okay’ too me it feels very cheap.

2.0 plays light and nimble, at $50. Very nice throw.

If you insist on ruling out plastic, get a benchmark. It’s a shame, the rally is honestly one of my favorite throws to date, of every single high end I own.

The shutter has seemed unstable to me

It is a very user friendly throw. I think some people might say it lacks character, but I think that is kind of a negative way of saying that it is very predictable, and I don’t consider that to be a bad thing for a single throw arsenal (maybe you have more than one, couldn’t tell from your post, neon). If you were only going to have one yoyo, I think you’d be doing yourself a disservice by ruling out plastic just 'cause. The Rally is a solid throw by any measure, and it does grind well. Considering the volume already produced in its relatively short life span, I don’t see many on the BST board looking for new homes. Just food for thought.