Whats the best Yoyo to buy for a beginner?

I have 30dollars. I can do a lot of beginner moves but i want to improve so wich yoyo should I buy?

I would get a yoyojam Legacy 2. A good all around throw. Also Comes with 2 bearings, so you can swap between responsive and unresponsive tricks.

If you dont mind a little vibe and can bind a YYF Northstar can get you as far as you want. They were on sale for $20 a while ago somewhere.

Also, here is a pretty good yoyo that is adjustable and really cheap IMO. It uses starburst response but I believe its possible to replace with silicone pads http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/29/YYF-Speed-Dial

I guess the legacy 2 with 2 bearing is a great choice.

I would recommend for the $30 price range, the Chaser or the Legacy II. I think the Chaser comes with 2 bearnings. Overall, the Legacy II.

I recently bought a Speed Dial, but it had a problem right out of the package. It’s no problem, YYE is taking care of it. Even being a B-grade, it had problems not covered by B-grade stuff.

Here’s my thoughts on the Speed Dial: it ain’t great, but since I throw a lot around elementary school kids, I need to be able to switch from responsive to unresponsive quickly and easily and this yoyo fits the bill perfectly. For the price, the B-grades are really nice. The problem is that it’s not a great response system, but it is what it is and it works so hey, deal with it. The dial means you can adjust it to where you want it.

The Northstar and Protostar are $35, and in my experience, mine are smooth. Great but both require the ability to bind. Cheaper and lighter is the Starlight, a glowing version, and the even less expensive Starbright, but also requires to know how to bind. The glowing DieNasty is nice too, but requires you to know how to bind. So all of these are pretty much ruled out. We’re talking beginner.

The ONE is great, but too light. If you go this route, go with the package with 2 bearings. But the higher weight of the Legacy II works more in your favor. Another option is the Lyn Fury. At under $16, it is somewhat responsive. It WILL come back with a tug, but can go full unresponsive with shims and being siliconed. I have two of these, and I’m contemplating getting a third. One will stay stock, one will be modified as such, not sure what I’m going to do with the third one, other than I want one in red and black and they are so cheap! The Lyn Fury, as I said, can play responsive, or you can bind it back as is. It’s also great for 5A

Still, for a beginner, the Legacy II works best. Good weight, weight distribution, size, feel and very stable. Goes from responsive to unresponsive by swapping bearings.

Of what I’ve talked about, the only one I don’t have is the Starlight. One of my kids has one. She can’t use it yet, she can’t bind and isn’t ready to nor has shown the motivation to learn to do so, but she does have a Legacy II set up responsive and it is her favorite, even over her ONE, Loop and new Duncan ProZ.

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