What yoyo to get for a beginner/intermediate yoyoer

So i want a yoyo around about $35 for string tricks and is preferable a ball baring also i live the yoyos that can change from responsive to unresponsive

There’s really not much in that category since you’re at the $35 mark.

Your best choices are the $30 Chaser, the $25 or less Legacy II or stup up a few bucks to the Dark Magic II, SFX or other under $50 YYJ’s that have two bearings. Lower priced options are the Classic with a YYJ Speed bearing and YYJ silicone o-ring responses or CBC 19mm slim pads(or flowable silicone). Don’t mock the low price of the Classic, it’s really great.

If being able to go between responsive and unresponsive wasn’t an issue, a lot more models open up, including the Trigger, ProtoStar, Northstar, Surge, Alpha Crash, PSG(and PSG Gem), Asteroid and more. However, you’re claiming beginner requirements, so it’s best to look at these as perhaps step up models or second purchase items.

Learn how to blind and get a yyf protostar or yyj dark magic 2.
They can be use for a long time.

Protostar popstar Superstar In order of best to worst

SuperStar, ProtoStar. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Popstar

BTW SirYoYo, a huge welcome to the YoYoExpert forums. Belly on up to the bar and enjoy the club!
Get a ProtoStar, for a beginner it will not disappoint. (You will have to bind this yo-yo however. But binding is really not a huge mountain, more like speed bump.)


Thank you to all that helped

Legacy I have one and it took me to The masters section of the Yoyo expert tutorials. But if you can get that I hear a classic is great. But if you know how to bind you could get a northstar or protostar.

YoyoJam Classic

I have over 50 yoyos, and am a beginner/intermediate thrower, and I hate my legacy II. It is one of the few duds in my collection.

At your price point, I get the following:

Classic with a C bearing to go unresponsive, and a Magic YoYo N12. A tube of flowable silicone would probably be good too. You can get all of that for $35 if you shop carefully, maybe $38-39 with shipping.


Here we go again SirYoYo, another thread with “get this yo-yo”, “no,no, you want this yo-yo” and “Naw, they’re both wrong. What you want is this yo-yo.”

After awhile you are more confused then when you came in here. So who’s right? Everybody & nobody. Each yo-yoer has their own personal preferences. The fact of the matter is today’s throws are so much better than the yo-yos of the past so you really can’t go far wrong with anything recommended by anyone so far. Some of my first throws when I really decided to pursue this avocation were the Duncan FHZ and Dragonfly. Everything mentioned here up to this point beats those. (The Duncan Raptor, now that one might be worth taking a peek at. It’s just a smidge past you price bracket.)

What I am trying to get at is that you have not received any poor advice here today. Everything mentioned so far will get you out of the starting gate and on around the track just fine. Don’t let us all overwhelm you with our differing opinions. We’re just glad to have you walking into our circle and tossing around a bandalore or two.


You could get both the yoyo jam legacy and yoyo factory one together for your price. Both change from responsive to unresponsive. The one is around eight and the legacy is around twenty four.

Well, I don’t know about changing from responsive to unresponsive in that range. Although I hear a HeavyWing is not that bad. Also, if you wanted to less, you can buy a Duncan Flipside.

You may have already decided on the throw that you are going to get, but just in case, I’ll throw in my two cents.

I think a Speed Dial would be great for you. I have a friend that is really advanced, and he still likes his. It is metal with plastic rims, and it can change between responsive and unresponsive with ease. They are usually $40, but the current price for them is $20 on this site. It’s because they have some anodization flaws. With that extra $15, you could get supplies (if you need them), or something like a OneStar or Surge.

Hope that helped!

all of them!