Good yoyo for intermediate/advanced?

Hey guys
I’d like a new yoyo, because I’ve been using mostly using a store-bought Duncan. I can do most of the intermediate tricks in the Learn section, and I’m starting on Advanced.
I can bind, but I’m fine with using a responsive yoyo, so either one would work.
I’m getting $50 next week, so I would want the yoyo to be $50 at the most.
I’ve been looking at the Protostar, would that be a good choice?
I want to hear your recommendations.

If you don’t intend to modify it in any way, I would say a Protostar would be great. If you want something with some possible response YYJ DMv2, YYJ Revolution, YYF Velocity, Duncan FHZ, YYJ Kickside, there are plenty of great yoyos in this category, what things do you like or dislike about the yoyos you already have?

I would get a protostar and string etc.

The protostar plays very good for 1a and 5a which is nice and it is very stable

Grind Machine v2
any plastic / metal


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Kickside is WAYYYY too beginner

If you arnt looking for VERY unresponsive dont get protostar get dark magic II but protostar is very unresponsive and also one of my favorite throws after a year of yoyoing(i even like it more then a lot of my metals).Here is protostar link

and the dark magic II link

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