String Trick Yoyo

I’m in the market for a main string trick yoyo, and don’t know which one. I prefer a medium-sized yoyo, probably the Hitman, Freehand Zero, or the Speed Maker. I have a 50$ budget.

protostar. Dude it is amazing, people who own, DM’s, dv888’s, beysicks, recommend protostar, and like it more than any thing they have get it.

Protostar would be a great choice. $34.99.

The Hitman, FHZ, and Speed Maker are all great choices. Pick one randomly if you can’t decide. :wink:

if you are just beginning then I would suggest you the FHZ, if you already know how to bind then I suggest you some metal rimmed yoyojam or a protostar

even world yoyo contest champs love the protostar more than anything they have.
trust me, the protostar is not hype!!! a 35 dollar yoyo, that should cost 80 dollars!!
not kidding…

New Breed.

:o :o :o

Thanks for all the help, I think I’ll buy the Protostar. :slight_smile:

If you want to get it, that’s totally fine, but don’t be unhappy if you don’t like it. Just saying.



Why will he love it? I personally didn’t really care for it.

Gonna have to agree with grumpy ol’ B-Ri on this one.
Just cause you like it doesn’t mean he will Johnny

Grumpy ol’ B-ri. Ha. That made me giggle.

Just saying though. The Protostar is a good yoyo. Hopefully you’ll like it. :wink:

Well it is a nice throw, but the hype is kinda overrated.

Right, “drove my chevy to the levy but the levy was bri”?

Even if I don’t like it, good plastic or composite yoyos are only around 40$ so I could just save up again and buy another one. :slight_smile: