YOYO for a beginner-intermediate user?

Hey, i’m a new beginner intermediate yoyo’er looking for a good, popular, cheap yoyo. Something relatively easy to use, but i still want to be able to do all kinds of tricks with it. I’m sure theres got to be a good cheap intermediate level yoyo out there every yoyo pro is familiar with.

Thanks for the help, Sam.

Ya your from Australia ;D

Well i highly recommnd protostar by yoyofactory. Pros use this yoyo, even in competition.

It has a nice wide gap, plastic and has a very good stability and spin.

All you need to know to use this yoyo is learn to bind. Because it is unresponsive. You might want to get thick lube incase it is too unrepsonsive.

The stock bearing is a center-trac bearing !!! which is very useful to keep the string centered. ;D

Thanks for the reply, i was looking at that, it sounds good. I kinda wana get a dv888 but i doubt i could use it. TBH i’ve only got a crappy toy store style plastic which i can hardly do string tricks on. Is the protostar a good step up from that? And i doubt i’ll buy another yoyo after this is it good enough to last me a while?

If you have the money or the need for a metal,go for it.But once you learn to bind and get the protostar,you’ll be glad that you never bought a metal.After all,The protostar is the plastic beast…But the Center Trac Might not center the string too well.

Seeing as i’m from Australia, which means 20-30 postage is there any retailers or Uussie websites that would have good priced yoyo’s, preferably with a Protostar in stock :slight_smile: