Looking for a new yoyo


I’m 16 and I started yoyoing back when I was around 10. I started off yoyoing with cheap yoyo toys but moved on to a PowerYo Black Widow and then a Dark Magic 2. I left yoyoing for some time but always came back to it temporarily, so I’ve been yoyoing on and off since I was around 12.

I do string tricks and the best tricks I can do are things like Kwijibo etc (I’ve forgotten the names for a lot of them). I want to return to yoyoing since my exams are over and wanted to start with a brand new throw (I’ve messed up the bearing and response system on the DM2 and so it has lots of vibration and is too responsive).

I want an all metal yoyo this time, and something that costs under £40 ($62) preferably. I quite like the weight of the DM2 but I wouldn’t mind trying something lighter. I’d like a yoyo that can do several combinations at a time as well since I’ll be having to perform for this project/award thing.

Thank you for your patience, I have forgotten quite a bit of knowledge I had on yoyos growing up :-.

P.S. What happened to YoyoNation ??? ? I used that forum ALL the time when I was younger.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Welcome back friend…sounds like you might like a Duncan Torgue, or the YYF Shutter both are not too expensive…but you should check all the opportunities that the YYE Forum has to offer you!

I definitely recommend the Shutter, TooHOT, and Czechpoint.

Yoyonatin shut down because off some bad stuff happening like stealing from their physical store.

I would recommend a yoyofactory cyborg 2.0

But you can also go with a yoyofactory 2hot or Czech point.

The Shutter, without a doubt. It will take you far. Hey, Gentry Stein used it to win worlds.

The Shutter seems like a cool choice! I’d be willing to raise my budget to £50 ($78) if there are better throws worth investing in for that much. Thanks :slight_smile:

Shutter will take you very far.

If you want though, you can take a look at the Benchmark series by OneDrop. They use side effects and will easily last you a lifetime if you take care of them.

Get the CZPoint! New colors and splashes coming August. Solids in Black, Aqua, Pink, and WYYC edition. It’s stable, speedy, and I tihnk will be to your liking :slight_smile:

Ah wow there are so many choices! Far more than four years ago by the looks of it, although I could be wrong about that. Literally every yoyo looks so good and picking just one seems impossible :-\ . Thanks for all the input!