Need help picking a new Yo-yo Dark Magic II v Dash/Maverick

I’m in the begineer/intermediate trick level. Once I can get the rear mount down consistantly, I’ll be moving on to many more intermediate tricks. Some days I can hit this mount regularly and other days I’m butterfingers.

Right now I’m primarily throwing a Duncan Metal Drifter, a Yomegal Hot Shot, and sometimes a Freehand with the recessed friction stickers (presently missing in action due to kitty kat abduction). After Christmas my X-mas present for myself will be a new yo-yo. I’m debating between the Yomegal Dash/Maverick or Dark Magic II.

I was leaning heavily toward the Yomega’s but the more I read about the DM, the more I’m thinking it would be a great addition at this time.

I do have a Lynn Fury in my collection, but it’s a bit advanced for where I am and I’m not ready to learn binding yet.


get a DM II it comes with 2 bearings 1 responsive and the other 1 is unresponsive so it would be great for u :wink:

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My lyn fury(s) came completely responsive.

You can use yyj thick lube, yomega brain lube, or grease, for whichever yoyo you decide to use. Grease will make the yoyo very responsive, so you may want to try thick or brain lube first. It’s your decision if you want a smaller/beater/proprietary practice yoyo (dash/maverick) or a bigger/upgradeable yoyo (dark magic). Just keep in mind that bigger yoyos are supposed to be easier to land on the string. The dark magic 2 will probably sleep longer than mav/dash, while using the speed bearing.

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I would recommend the DM. That was my first serious throw. Made me hate binding but I learned to love it. It will also spin longer new then a broken in maverick will.

I have to agree with Griffsnog. I have thrown a yomega maverick before, and it was good, but will not sleep as long as a DM2. It feels nice in your hand and is great for beginner tricks. But if you want a yoyo that will last longer to your abilities I would get the DM2, because it can be responsive and unresponsive, good for grinds and advanced tricks as well as beginner and intermediate tricks.

i have a dash, and it’s ok (i guess).
it got me from about where you are now all the way to the lower-end-advanced tricks.
it was ok, but now i’m actually looking to step it up and get something unresponsive with a longer spin time.

i personally am looking at either the DM2 or the dv888 (any other suggestions?).

i haven’t tried out the DM2 yet, but from what i’ve heard, it’s a lot better than the dash or maverick and you can play responsive or un-responsive with it, so if i were you, i’d get the DM2 (unless your really into yomega or something).

HTH (hope that helped)

if u wear out the pads and clean the bearing the maverick is amazing idk but i can do any trick from begginer to master on it… but dm2 is probley best

I would also like to add that although the maverick doesn’t spin as long it is smaller and thus quicker than the DM. Either way I don’t think you can make a bad choice. The DM is nostalgic for most people though. It is for me but I don’t think I will ever go back to bi-metals.

duncan raptor is full metal sleeps really long sili response… and its 39 bucks the same as dm2

If you want either, I choose DM2. Maverick is really responsive and at the most, I can barely get it unresponsive. I just think that DM2 is better and better for any trick.

Although, I’d choose the Duncan Raptor over a DM2. My Raptor is very smooth, almost vibeless, great for grinds although it’s missing a ridge for thumb grinding.

Gotta agree with Skeleton and Jamizm, Raptor is smoother, full metal and sleeps longer.

Get a Raptor. Heard it was vibeless.