Which yoyo should I get/buy?

I’m gonna try to buy the top 2 votes thanks

Really, those yoyo’s are all great, we can tell nothing without your preferences.

I am kinda new(well, almost a advanced player) but I want a serious metal.
I want something not too heavy, about dark magic 2’s weight.
Nice grip, great bind returns, unresponsive of course etc.
Thanks for the question anyway!

Stick with what you got. You do NOT need a metal yet.

I would also not recommend a metal. I must state that fact that I’m not trying to conflict you, but I don’t think you’re suitable yet.

Don’t worry, a nice plastic yoyo can get you all the way up to Master Level.
I would recommend Protostar or Northstar. Northstar is heavier in feel and play while the Protostar feels more hollow.

O.K when do you think I should go whith metal? (weeks? Months? What tricks should I know, before a metal?)

Get a metal whenever you want to! :slight_smile: Now is perfectly fine.

If you’re in the advanced tricks, get whatever you want, you’ve earned it.

For me, I’ve got a ways to go. I’ll probably buy a metal soon, but in the meantime, my Dark Magic II serves me quite nicely.

I mean you can get a metal whenever you want, I could even go buy a metal for my 3 year old cousin. But I think it just isn’t suitable yet. Metals are more of showing and playing. It wouldn’t be very nice also if your metal get dinged up. I would recommend a Bi-Metal or Weight Ringed yoyo’s. DM2 would be a great choice.

There is no arranged time for getting a metal, just when you think is suitable. If you think now is suitable, I can’t change that. Everyone’s kinda different, ^^ is still using a DM2, while my cousin is using a Dingo. IMHO, almost advanced + serious metal = No match.

I’m only a little over 2 months into this. Right now, to advance(as in to nail the intermediate tricks), I need to learn to bind. Plus, to move into something decent down the road, I need to learn to bind anyways. I figure might as well start sooner than later.

I’ll probably buy a high-end metal before I’m really ready. Leave it nearby as motivation to keep working towards it. Regardless, I’ll want to have a quality metal in my collection that I intend to use on a regular basis. Right now I have some inexpensive ones.

Not that I know any better, but I like how the Dark Magic plays and performs. Definitely a good starter model that lets you advance as far as you want to. I’m in no hurry to invest in a decent metal for the time being. I’m having fun and see no need to upgrade.

To each their own. If you feel you’re ready and have the funds, then go for it.

Thanks for your help, because they said I should rather get a plastic but I think I’m good enough for a metal.

hmm, I suggest thst you buy a cheap metal first like raptor, DV888, dingo

Thanks I was going to buy a dv888 but i mean a yoyo for the future(like after the dv888)

get an ilyy they make something for everyone and are the highest quality

Raptor is a great choice. Very smooth, nice on grinds, good colors and designs, great feel, comes with 2 removable caps and 2 extra sets of response systems. It play great just like the Dv888 if not better. Some people even claim it’s better, but it’s preference.

I think you should wait for the future yoyo, maybe there will be newer yoyo that fits your preferences

Ok thanks ill most probably do that

It is obviously your preference. Your skill level and your financial situation with high-end metals is something only you know. If you feel financially stable and you know you’ll want it one day go buy that Avalanche right now while the store just got re-stocked and has tons of 'em! The flowable silicone makes binds SO tight and it throws so well, is so smooth. There is a reason it is your winning vote receiver (at this moment). I’m not trying to over-rule anything that anyone else has said, but my Avalanche is my life. I love it.

My only other advice is if you buy that expensive yoyo, don’t ding it. Your heart will break.

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Ok thanks that works too

In the end I bought a DV888 and an Avalanche…It was well worth it!!! Further I’ve made my collection much better…I didnt rush into buying expensive yoyos…Eventually I got 2 chiefs…an arctic circle on its way… A gnarwhal…2 peaks…a code 2… And some cheaper yoyos…I’ve been yoyoing for a year (aprox.) and its just been fun, Im even sponsored by twisted stringz!