should I???


I have a Dark magic which I have had for some time now and I was wandering wether buying a metal yoyo was really worth the money? I am on expert - master tricks and can you help me please!

Personal preference really. Like i have a DM and an 888 in the mail coming my way so if its what you want then i dont see a problem :smiley:

Yes. A metal will change your life.

What people will tell you: You don’t need a metal, you can do all your tricks a Dark Magic.

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Thanks alot!

Yeah metals are awesome… which one are you thinking about getting?

Go for it!

Yeah you don’t really need a metal…BUT they sure are nice!! lol

I kid. Metals just have different characteristics about them. I’ve got plastice that will do all the same things but they don’t feel the same.

Once you go metal you never go black… er i mean back!! *** grins

my fav metal is a general yo -->> 5 star ver2

I recommend a DV888 as your first Metal Yoyo. It’s easy to get used to and is pretty cheap for a metal!

metals are amazing.
you do not need one but they are very nice
it is like a car. you do need anything except the junky astro van
but porsches are nice if you have the money.

i concur

Get a fundaMETAL first. See if you need a metal.

Yes it is worth the money. Make sure you get something that suits you though.

I actually prefer my Hitman over my Meteor, but get a metal.