first metal question

I was wondering if I would need to get a “first metal” (dv888,yuuksta) before I move on to something like a 888.
I have the darkmagic2 and a lyn fury.

Can’t go wrong with a a dif-e-yo…
But no, you can get whatever you want as a first.

Metals arnt a big deal, just get what you want. If it looks good to you and fits the kind of shape of yoyo you like then get it, if you want. Nothing much to say.

What’s your budget? What yoyo do you like more, lyn or DM2?

dm2 no questions asked

Metals aren’t as amazing as people say they are or how good they make them seem, when i got my first metal there wasn’t a huge difference in play. It mainly is based on your throw. So practice practice practice

if you are sure you have to use the hubstacks, get the 888.
I don’t think that I ever would consider hubstacks, because some people complain that they throw off the balance, cause loss in spin time, and make noise. Some end up taking them off anyway.

My personal preference (and I recommend) getting the cheaper version, yuuksta, dv888, etc w/o the hubstacks, so that if you are new-ish like me and sometimes hit things, you won’t be disheartened if you tap it against something and chip the paint on the yoyo.
I don’t think that you will notice any decrease in performance by going with the cheaper yoyo first, and I love my yuuksta.
You may also try the cheaper (undersized unstacked) version first, to see which shape you like best.

You might also decide against the 888, because the fundametal is sufficient and cheaper.

If you really like the dm2 the YYJ Trinity is a metal DM2.

I would recommend the protege or any other fundamental

Or the trinity