first metal

i no its opiniated but in your opinion what is a good first metal yoyo in the 30-80 price range

Go with one of the fundmetals, you won’t regret it.

Definetly, i personly would go with a Dv888, but an M1 would be a great one to since its $45 dollars.

Yeah, YYF fundaMetals is always the way to go in buying your first metal. I’ve tried a dv888, Hectic, and Frantic, and they are all good. I am sure the Lunatic, Tactic, and the yet to be released Chaotic are amazing too.

iv got a Hectic and it is amazing. although i do like my M1 aswell ???

I agree with the others:definitely a YYF FundaMetal like the DV888, Hectic, Lunatic,etc.
M1 as well.

GET A Dv888!!! You will NOT regret it, it is $60-$65

tactic is the best metal in my opinion, also think about the protostar, it is as good as most of the metal and its cheaper

I will agree with pretty much everyone else so far in saying that you can’t go wrong with a FundaMETAL for a first metal. From my experience, the DV888 is an amazing first metal. You may want to go with either that or the Tactic if you’re used to a more traditional butterfly shape and you want to stay in your comfort zone. The Lunatic has a more radical H-shape, and it’s a little funny at first if you’re not used to it, but it doesn’t take too long before you fall in love with it. Hectic is also a bit of an unorthodox, angular shape, but an incredible throw either way from what I’ve heard. And if you like super angular shapes like the Speeder, or anything with a sharp winged shape, Frantic may be a great fit for you