First Metal

Hey guys i was looking for a good first metal yoyo for me. I need ur suggestions for my first metal yoyo.
What i wanted was the Dv888 for its price also looks good. But i didnt want it cause it didnt have any hubstacks. I like the G5 because its made for hubstacks. Problem is I also like the meteor for its fast play.

I like a yoyo with Fast Play and Hubstacks and a Reasonable price.
What is the Best choice?

if you really want hubstack, then meteor is just a no go.
the 2010 G5 is good enough, but it’s not a fast yoyo IMO, even compared to the OG G5.
superstar can also be considered, the newer version feel so much faster, but it’s cost a little bit more…

I dont necessarily need the hubstacks. I just a good metal yoyo with good performance. The hubstack is just an addition of what i like.


The Protege. You’ll love it. Fast, wide, undersized, and cheap.

If u like stacks get an 888x, its one of the best players in my collection. Now the g5 is right up there with it, it has stacks and has that weird shape you might have to get used to, but its a great player. So if you have the money, g5 or an 888x.

I don’t really think that the 888x is a good FIRST metal. Maybe a FundaMETAL though.

well my first was a dv888 but this is a good one if he likes stacks, but if he dont care then protoge’

Dv888’s don’t have stacks though. 888’s do.

but you can stack them

Actually no you can’t.

So I cant really afford the g5 or the 888x. im trying to save. But the Dv888 i can afford

what are your preferences.that would help and what yoyos do you have already and which have you used? if you havent used hubstacks then you should know that tthey tend to get boring

I know that i have the PGM Hubstack edition

Yes you can. It’s not that hard to stack a DV888.

Seeing that you can’t really afford the “Bigger” name yoyos. I’d suggest a DV888. It was my second metal and a really nice one at that. Try a metal out, you may find that it’s a nice fit for you. Some people may not like metals though, and you may find yourself to be one of those people.

dv888 ;D

my first metal was a protege :smiley:

dont buy a yoyo just because of hubstacks. ignore hubstacks. they actually make the yoyo less stable. focus on your preferences of specs, and how you like to play.

you can if you mod it.

The DV888 was also my second metal. I was amazed at the improvement in spin time, stability and available string layers. Even now, as I my collection has absorbed an Oxy, 888, hat trick and addiction, my old ugly beaten DV888 can still hold it’s own as a top player. And for it’s price, it’s a steal.
Though it doesn’t have and hub stacks, but you can only do 3 tricks with hub stacks, and 2 of those are pretty much the same trick. I only keep them on my 888 because I like the way they hiss after the yo-yo has stopped spinning.