first metal


what would be a good first metal i dont really like undersized throws but i can deal with it want smooth doesnt have to grind great just good.

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raptor, dv888

pick one…you wont be disappointed



I picked up a metal by Yoyomamma or Shen Zhou not to long ago because I was considering the Raptor also. I got it for less than 30 bucks and it even has a concave bearing in it with hubstacks. It doesn’t grind that well but that wasn’t what I was looking for either. It’s called the Battle Axe Blue and there is a video on youtube of it. Not too shabby if you want a metal with hubstacks.

The DV888 2010 is great and the 2011 is pretty much the same except it’s coat which I liked better. Here’s my review on it if you want it…


California. I loved mine, and it’s the same price as the Dv888.


o. my. ever. loving. GOD!



I think as long as yoyo forums are in existence there will be "which yoyo (should I get/is better)?"threads. But I do think there has been more of them recently which I will look in a positive light as it means that there are new members coming to the yoyo community which I think out ways these annoying threads…


That is a good way,to look at it. Dont insult someone for asking an innocent question.


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thank you swatnoodle. i dont have a million dollars to spend on yoyos ill get one and not another for a year.


Calm down 1slave25. If it’s annoying, the mods or admins will remove it or send jjwinck a pm. If you have complaints about this, use the report button.


Back on topic, a cheaper metal would be the Duncan Metal Drifter.


i got a Yuuksta for a first metal. Awesome throw IMO.


i second this. same first metal ftw


Easy there Hombre


You should get the new yoyo from Shen Zhou called the Blitzfire. It has hubstacks and a 10 ball concave bearing. I will be getting this soon it would be my second metal only $34.99 including shipping.