Dv888 v.s. Yomega Glide


I’m looking to get my first metal. I like these to. Especially the splash editions. They look über cool. I know multiple binds. How do these compare? Also what else would you recommend as a First metal and why.


Honestly? First metal?


Capless if you like full sized.
Dibase, DiBase2 and/or sine//saw if you like mid-sized
If you like big, the God Tricks Bounty Hunter is fun over-sized but is an amazing performer.

I’m a bit anti-dv888. It is small, so that might not be a good thing, but it does fit well in a pocket and hence highly portable. The rims are massively thick, and being small, the rims need to be like that to put decent weight on it, but as a result, it’s heavy and plays heavy. Mind you, I do have a dv888 and I’m glad I have it, but it’s just not an item in my regular rotation. It’s kind of bland, but it is priced right because it feels like it should be sold for exactly $45. There’s no skipping in quality though. It’s well made and looks good. There are people who love this yoyo to death. It’s a hot seller and it’s going to remain a hot seller for quite some time. Heck, for $45, you could even go horizontal with it and do gyro grinds if you want to. It lacks an IRG ring so those thumb grinds are not recommended. It is OK with other grinds. It’s solid feeling. Many people have noted vibe issues, but I’ve played over 20 dv888’s and I’ve never noticed any vibe issues, and mine is smooth too so I’m kind of discounting the vibe claims a bit. Because of how it’s weighted, it is a stable platform until it takes a bad string hit and then it’s just crap, so best to then bind it back and start over. Other people have reported issues with loose and sloppy binds, but I haven’t experienced this with the dv888’s I’ve played either, so I discount this claim as well.

I don’t think the dv888 is a good first metal. I think it is a good metal to have. The small size forces you to be more accurate, and the heavy rims and ease of knocking it off axis forces you to play cleaner. It is a fun yoyo, but I think for relatively new players or someone looking for a first metal, I don’t think it’s a good option. I’d say get something else for now, but then come back later and get a dv888 and use it to help you clean up your playing. As I’ve said, it’s not one I reach for, it’s also not a favorite, but it’s a good one to have. It’s a great “reference standard” yoyo in my opinion because they are so popular and so available.

But, for $10 more, the DiBase gives you better weight, weight distribution, comfortable V-shape and generous catch zone in a mid-size and you can do horizontal and gyro spins and grinds like a beast. Easily feels like a $100 yoyo.

The Capless is another one like that. $65 plays like $110 or so. Comfortable shape, good design, decent on the grinds, and is full sized but a slightly more narrow shape than the DiBase.

I haven’t played my sine//saw yet, but I have it’s slightly bigger brother, the “@”, and that’s another amazing throw. RecRev puts value in a whole new light as I can’t understand how they are getting away with selling their stuff so darn cheap.

If you want to get a bit more nuts, the $85 Burnside is another massive score. No side effects, but it’s perfect and doesn’t need them. Not as great at the horizontal stuff, but a decent grinder for some things. Solid, stable, smooth, just what you’d expect from One Drop. Then again, my other recommendations have been that way too.

The Yomega Glide, well, seeing it, it interests me. From what I’ve heard from people I trust, I’m not hearing anything special about it. About the only way I’d try one at this point was for one to magically show up on my doorstep. There was even a “buy one, get the other for a penny” sale and I couldn’t find myself able to basically get it at “2 for 1” bundle. Part of this is that Yomega’s past, and that being cheap plastic yoyos, emphasis on the cheap. This doesn’t always mean bad. Yomega’s really changing their game though and stop trying to completely “re-invent the wheel” by using odd-ball bearing sizes that are hard to come by. I think Yomega is changing for the better, but I’m not willing to risk any more money on them yet. I’m gonna have to try before I buy with this brand for a while. I am willing to give them a fair shot but I gotta get that chance first and it has to not be tied to my bank account.


I personally love my DV888, it was a perfect 1st unresponsive metal for me actually. That said, Studio42 has a lot more experience with exponentially more yo-yos than me but just my humble opinion. I never found it to have many issues with going off axis with a bad string hit (unless it was really bad), it’s smooth, stable, excels at grinds, and I really enjoy it. It is a bit outdated compared to some of the newer throws like the sine/saw, capless, etc. but I think it is fantastic for the price. Hope this helps you somehow!


Both are good choices but fit completely different price points and specs
Since it seems like you’ve made your choice I would suggest sticking with them unless you’re unsure about what you want entirely and just picked 2 throws otherwise you’ll always wonder how that one throw would have played or if it would have fit you better than what you get.

It would be easier if you told us what yoyos you own and what you like about them to get a better idea of what you want

I personally love the dv888 and have enjoyed mine ever since it was released. I love that it’s undersized, has a large gap, and gives decent spin times. It just feels very comfy in my hand but that could be due to my enjoyment of undersized throws.


The first yoyo I ever got was a Duncan Imperial. Then I got a Duncan Mosquito. I then played a Duncan Pro Z. I am currently using a YYF PGM w/ stacks. I liked the shape of my Pro Z and the weight of my PGM. A little heavier wouldn’t hurt though. Those are my throws.


The Glide is sick.


Still open to suggestions.


Studio’s nuts. Dv888 rocks as a first metal. Cheap, smooth, plays nice. Not much wrong with it.


Yeah, and they have had over 3 years to perfect it’s design. I’ve had it as my second metal and it held up great! It’s a really nice throw, but I do recommend the Raptor because it is slightly larger.

But if you like undersized, get the DV888, but the Raptor is far smoother and slightly bigger.