First Advanced Metal?

I started with a duncan butterfly but it sucked >:(, so I got a Yomega Maverick, but now I’m into the Advanced 2 section (and I kinda skipped to Master and learned “And Whut” on my friend’s DV888 ;D) anyway most of the tricks are impossible with a maverick. So what should be my first advanced metal?(maverick was official first metal). My budget is $50, and i really have my heart set on a dv888. Should I get the dv888 or is there something better out there that’s small, metal, and unresponsive with good sleep time and grinds? thanks :slight_smile:

look into the magic yoyo t5 on ebay :slight_smile: oh and nothings impossible with the maverick :wink:

I would recommend the di base or if you could save the money you should get the capless.

I like my zen 5 more then my dv888 but if you want a dv888 I would sell it.

dv888 is pretty boss, but check out the Dark Magic 2 (yyj). Its not all metal, just the rims, but still an incredible throw. Mine was my first “advanced” yoyo, an I still use it a lot. There isn’t much you can’t do with it.

The Shinwoo Zen series is also good if your heart is set on an all metal.

I had the same problem but I ended up getting a Zen 4 mostly because I thought it would be cool to have my name on it but it’s also a decent throw

My friend has DM2. Its a great yoyo but for some reason not my type of play.

Two words… Duncan Echo.

how much?

Duncan Echo.

lol i guess the proper word for the matter is “hard” or “extremely-difficult!”

$1 over budget, and i kinda have a thing against duncan for making the butterfly so bad lol

Yeah but what should his first advanced metal be?

don’t. Seriously. That thing is 2 bucks and meant for the general public that only knows gravity pull. lol

ik this is out of topic, but i smiled when i saw "proud jesus freak. Christ FTW!!! anyway back to my first metal, i think I’ve made a decision on DV888, and will be getting one for my bday which is in 28 days(yes im counting cuz I’m exited). thx for the help guys.

Yoyofactory JK. $20. Its not sold on YYE anymore though. Its better than people say, as long as you get a good batch. I got batch 9001B, and it has virtually no vibe or wobble, plays great.

Cool, mines on the 19th

If you think the the butterfly sucks then you should check out some of Drew Tetz’s stuff. If your heart is set on a dv888 then I would get it. If you are open to something different then don’t count out Duncan’s budget metals. I personally prefer the raptor over the echo but both are great throws

Congrats on your new throw! The Dv888 is a great yoyo. One of my favorites for sure, and I fear I may have to buy one soon instead of picking up my brother’s every time I get home. :stuck_out_tongue: (I got something against buying a throw I can already touch regularly)

If you’re ever looking for another throw, God Tricks makes some great great stuff. I got my Destiny today, and it kind of hums like I feel a yoyo should (sound wise not vibe). For 43 bucks, I am quite the happy camper even though it doesn’t fit what I’m used to throwing.